Overall, I thought it was okay.  I felt there were too many glib lines, and while there was some mystery, not enough to keep me truly interested.

A handful of thoughts:

* I dislike Skye and Ward from the get-go.  Too glib, too competent, too attractive, too obvious. Total Riker vibe from Ward.

* Was that a Ron Glass sighting?

* Fitz and Simmons feels a little too pushed too.

* There are 50 gazillion heroes and villains in the 616 universe.  I know Marvel doesn't want to pay any extra royalties, but a few familiar names would have been nice.  Hydra? AIM? Scorpio? The Hellfire Club?

* Has the Super-Soldier Serum become the go-to evil plan?

* No good explanation for Coulson's survival.  I was really expecting to hear LMD.

* I'm just not buying into this yet. At the same time, Whedon's got a rep for pulling rabbit's out of hats, so we'll see.

* Oh yeah, the ending made zero sense to me.  Did the bullet not pierce his skin?  Was it a special bullet to fix his condition?  Really hard to tell.

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Doctor Hmmm? said:

It's still pretty nonsense-y, but ... this is like a different show, isn't it?

It really feels that way.

Hey, Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for a second season... and ABC is ordering an Agent Carter series set in the 40s!

Here's a link.

Is the Peggy Carter short that was on the First Avenger Blu-ray available online or elsewhere?

Well, the show did get renewed for another season, so let's see what they do now.

And he was great in a couple of smallish roles on Aaron Sorkin shows

Richard Willis said:

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Clark Gregg has had the chance to really run a lot of emotional changes in the last few weeks, and I've enjoyed seeing Coulson struggling with S.H.I.E.L.D. falling apart {umm, spoilers?}, but I like Coulson best when he's making me laugh.

"If I come out, will you shoot me? 'Cause then I won't come out."

Before the Marvel movies I came to appreciate Clark Gregg as the understated, amusing ex-husband in The New Adventures of Old Christine.

You didn't see this:

Captain Comics said:

Is the Peggy Carter short that was on the First Avenger Blu-ray available online or elsewhere?

It stopped after Peggy looks at a picture of Steve. Is that the whole thing, or is there more?

Aaaaand here is an entirely different Peggy Carter clip. (Actually, it's probably from later in the One-Shot.)


I kept getting all these press releases for 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Art of Level 7' but never took the time to figure out what they were. Now I have, and I've posted them, because you Legionnaires might be interested:


Hm. I was able to watch the whole 15 or so minute video...

Captain Comics said:

It stopped after Peggy looks at a picture of Steve. Is that the whole thing, or is there more?

Hmmm, indeed. I'll try it on a different computer.

So what did everyone think of the finale? I'm glad they didn't try to rush (or really even hint at) Ward's redemption, and I'm glad Skye's heritage didn't manifest -- all that stuff can come later. (I'd be happier with Ward as villain, and off the stage entirely for a while... but all the same, there was something he wanted to tell May before she crushed his larynx. Wonder what it was?)

I loved the Fitz & Simmons scenes and escape, though there was one point Fitz could have made that I'm really surprised he didn't -- he only had one arm, so how good of a swimmer would he have been?

The old Howling Commandos tech is so much more fun than S.H.I.E.L.D. tech. Aside from Agent Billy Koenig, that is. 'Cause he's gotta be a LMD. 

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