Overall, I thought it was okay.  I felt there were too many glib lines, and while there was some mystery, not enough to keep me truly interested.

A handful of thoughts:

* I dislike Skye and Ward from the get-go.  Too glib, too competent, too attractive, too obvious. Total Riker vibe from Ward.

* Was that a Ron Glass sighting?

* Fitz and Simmons feels a little too pushed too.

* There are 50 gazillion heroes and villains in the 616 universe.  I know Marvel doesn't want to pay any extra royalties, but a few familiar names would have been nice.  Hydra? AIM? Scorpio? The Hellfire Club?

* Has the Super-Soldier Serum become the go-to evil plan?

* No good explanation for Coulson's survival.  I was really expecting to hear LMD.

* I'm just not buying into this yet. At the same time, Whedon's got a rep for pulling rabbit's out of hats, so we'll see.

* Oh yeah, the ending made zero sense to me.  Did the bullet not pierce his skin?  Was it a special bullet to fix his condition?  Really hard to tell.

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I don't know, dumping them from an airplane into the ocean is a pretty good way to murder someone. If he comes back as a villain I can accept that, but not as a member of the team or even someone they can stand to be in the same room with.

My daughter showed me a picture of the season 2 team and Ward was next to Coulson. I don't know where the picture was from.

The only reason Ward didn't shoot Fitz and Simmons was because they were in a bullet-proof room and they wouldn't open the door! I'm sure he'll be back in one form or another, but I'm with Mark -- I hope it's as an antagonist. And he'd be a formidable one!

They did mention that Ward has a brother, maybe the actor will be in a dual role.

True, he has an older brother, who is supposedly even worse than Ward. OTOH, we've only Ward's word for that, which is not exactly trustworthy.

in the same story, he also mentioned a younger brother. But he didn't say much about him.

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

They did mention that Ward has a brother, maybe the actor will be in a dual role.

The first new episode will air on Tuesday September 29, 2015.

There's a piece on TV Line complaining that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. no longer follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity: "No, Snap! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bailing On Its MCU Continuity Still Bothers Me"

In short, the show is not covering the events of Avengers: Endgame, its stories are set before Thanos wiped out half the life on Earth. 

I stopped watching the show a while ago so I don't really care, but this writer is really bent out of shape about it, while acknowledging why it makes sense for the TV show not to put itself through all the contortions to make the show jibe with the movies. 

My feeling is that the story you're telling shouldn't be dependent on the story someone else is telling to the extent that a viewer can't understand your story if he or she hasn't seen some outside story.



I had no idea this show was even still on the air.

Okay, I read the article and had to chuckle at the following:

“My problem… is that the show is now existing in a make-believe timeline.”

To paraphrase Alan Moore: “This is an Imaginary Story. Aren’t they all?”

I think I wrote about this somewhere. My attitude is that SHIELD should tell the best story it can, and not worry about the movies. The first season showed the fallacy of waiting on the movies, in which the show suffered an audience hit while in a holding pattern for Winter Soldier from which it has never recovered. Just do your thing, SHIELD -- we're comics fans, we're used to compartmentalizing different titles that share characters.

Or to put it another way: SHIELD is taking place on a different Earth than the movies. Or, Ming-Na Wen said in an interview, the entirety of the show takes place before The Snap, so just stop worrying about it.


Have The Snap happen at the end of the one episode then start the next one with, "Wow! Glad that's over with!"

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