Years ago I started posting about comics I bought in the back issue bins here. It didn't last long. I sold most of my comics and focused on series I am currently reading and collecting the entirety of Amazing Spider-man. However, I will pick up some random issues if I find a good deal. Recently my LCS had a 5 for $1 sale on back issues. I picked up Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 1-26. This thread will chronicle my thoughts on that series. I'll probably take a break between arcs. My thoughts on issues 1-5 will be in the next post.

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Over the Christmas Break I had a chance to catch up on some comic reading. I read the next arc in LOTDK, Gothic.

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #6-10


Writer- Grant Morrison

Pencils- Klaus Johnson

This is another tale of a younger Batman. Like the previous arc, Shaman, this had a supernatural twist as it went along. I read the first two parts few weeks ago and read the last three chapters a couple of days ago so may memory of the details may be spotty. I also don't want to give too much away. This is a pretty good little story and I recommend seeking it out.

The story involves a serial killer taking out mobsters in Gotham. This sets the tone for an intense and creepy tale. Batman gets involved and soon discovers that the killer was his former headmaster who was not a nice guy. Also turns out that this fellow may also be a mad monk who has lived for 300 years due to a deal with the Devil.

The way the story goes, it leaves you thinking that the killer, Mr. Whisper, could be 300 years old. However, he could just be crazy. I haven't decided yet. Either way he is an intimidating foe.

Once again this was not just a Batman story but a Bruce Wayne story as well. Bruce does some investigating on his own to solve the case.

This was a good outing for Morrison. I haven't read the entirety of his most recent run of Batman but this was on par with what I have read. It was also very different than his Batman & Robin run though.

Gothic wound up not being one of my favourites... looking forward to Prey though.

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