The death of former child actor Jackie Cooper ( not to be confused with the , somewhat less fortunate as an adult and , infamously , ripped off by his parents Jackie Coogan ) inspires me to start a " Celebrity Deaths - That , Um , Don't Have The Most Obvious Connectuions To Our Beloved Genre , As Those Folks Will Tend To Get A Solo Thread , Admittedly..." omnibus thread .

  Directly , Cooper played Perry White in the Salkind/Reeve series of Superman movies , and , as per Wikipedia , about the last thing he did in the directing of episodic TV series that occupied much of his later working years were episodes of the Salkind Superboy series...

  Cooper also starred in the CBS series Hennessy ( Probably the subject of a couple Dell FOUR COLOR COMICS issues anyway , wasn't it ????????? ) , enthused over by our Cmdr. Benson , and another B&W-era series , The People's Choice .

  In pre-TV days movies with ____ ____ made them something of a team

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...PETER O'TOOLE died . His liver had preceded him some years before !!!

[ OKAY , okayokay...........]

  For an actual authorized comic-book adaptation of a movie he got an Oscar nod (!) for...........

  (no , not THE RULING CLASS)

...Country music great RAY PRICE ws released from this veil ( " Okay , okay , okay !!!!!!!!!) .

  Play " For The Good Times , say ,or either " I'll Be There "..." My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You ";-)...

Interestingly enough, I would barely know who Ray Price was---few country singers are on my radar---except for the fact that he did the best rendition of Danny Boy that I ever heard.

...PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN has been found derad , OD-ing .

SHIRLEY TEMPLE died , to belatedly note this .

  In Central California newspapers she received front-page stories for this , top fold with biggest story & picture in the San Jose Mercury News , lower fold in the Santa Cruz Sentinel , in both cases with (different) locally written stories...being an area resident probably helped .

  For years she'd get a once-or-twice-a-year mention in the San Francisco Chronicle's gossip-society-person-about-town (Leah Garchik's) column...

...MICKEY ROONEY died at 93 .

  His career was first pushed along by his playing of a comics character , Mickey McGuire from TOONERVILLE FOLKS (" Toonerville Trolley " , popularly remembered as .) !

  Just recently , on one of Jay Leno's last Tonight Shows , Jay spotlighted Mickey , sitting in the audience .

  BTW , a bit ago , the above-reported sighting inspired me to edit Wikipedia's listing for Rooney to note that - it got almost immediately deleted , the Wikiediriz saying it was in the wrong spot " and not really worth noting anyway " .

  Hmph . I bet her ears are burning now .

  I wonder if Mickey and Judy G. are speaking somewhere ?

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...MICKEY ROONEY died at 93 .

And, thus, putting an end to one of my favourite conversational trivia questions:  "Who is the only actor to star in silent films to still be performing to-day?"

...I have long thought similar myself !!!!!!!!!

(However , there may be a couple of some-degree-of-prominence silent movie performers still breathing .)

Commander Benson said:

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...MICKEY ROONEY died at 93 .

And, thus, putting an end to one of my favourite conversational trivia questions:  "Who is the only actor to star in silent films to still be performing to-day?"

He was a survivor. May not have looked like it when he was a child star but he didn't have an easy time of it. Those kids were cattle to most studio execs.

He was one of the last links to the Golden Age of Hollywood who could tell us how things really were!

Now he's forever young, putting on a show with Judy Garland!

I was impressed by one of his least-known performances, that of a less-than-nice jockey who should have been careful what he wished for in the Twilight Zone episode "The Last Night of a Jockey."

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