The death of former child actor Jackie Cooper ( not to be confused with the , somewhat less fortunate as an adult and , infamously , ripped off by his parents Jackie Coogan ) inspires me to start a " Celebrity Deaths - That , Um , Don't Have The Most Obvious Connectuions To Our Beloved Genre , As Those Folks Will Tend To Get A Solo Thread , Admittedly..." omnibus thread .

  Directly , Cooper played Perry White in the Salkind/Reeve series of Superman movies , and , as per Wikipedia , about the last thing he did in the directing of episodic TV series that occupied much of his later working years were episodes of the Salkind Superboy series...

  Cooper also starred in the CBS series Hennessy ( Probably the subject of a couple Dell FOUR COLOR COMICS issues anyway , wasn't it ????????? ) , enthused over by our Cmdr. Benson , and another B&W-era series , The People's Choice .

  In pre-TV days movies with ____ ____ made them something of a team

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He's also known most recently for another pasttime...

ClarkKent_DC said:

We should have had a thread for Ernest Borgnine, if for no other reason than his well-remembered work on McHale's Navy, discussed at length here, in the thread "Military Sitcoms".

Guess that's the Last Song Tonight, eh?

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...DONNA SUMMER's death has hit me a bit , as  the death of someone who was a massive , mega-platinum albums and big , big , radio hits star - even if she , perhaps , was not quite one of " our " artists to many folks here - They probably enjoyed record by her though !!!!!!!!!

...HAL DAVID , the songwriter best-known for his collaborations with Burt Bacharach , has died at 91 .

  I live pretty near San Jose , so !!!!!!!!!!! ):-))

...Okay , what pastime was that ?????????

  Mebbe I confused you with that Ethel Merman joke ( Ernest and Ethel were married - For , like , one month . - in the Sixties , and , after their hurried divorce , refused to discuss their marriage . ) - What was Ernie's " pastime " ?????????

Kirk G said:

He's also known most recently for another pasttime...

ClarkKent_DC said:

We should have had a thread for Ernest Borgnine, if for no other reason than his well-remembered work on McHale's Navy, discussed at length here, in the thread "Military Sitcoms".

...JOE SOUTH , writer & singer of " Games People Play " and " Walk A Mile In My Shoes " and author of " Rose Garden " , among many others , died to-day . He was 72 .

...ANDY WILLIAMS , whose version of " Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You " is just now fading out , died .

  I really liked both Jerry Butler and orchestra-chorus Henry Mancini's versions of " Moon River " more than Andy's - Obviously , his heavy 60s TV exposure and use of the song as his theme cemented them - but , he was certainly an all-around good singer !

News bulletins out of Detroit.  The search for Jimmy Hoffa has led to Roseville, a suburb to the northeast. Ironically, when I got back into comics after college, I had moved to that community and lived less than a mile from the location where they are searching.  Of course, I was there some 15 years after he vanished...but still... thinking that he may have been down there waiting at the time...... yesheee.....

...SAMMY JOHNS , who had the 1970s pop[ & country hit " Chevy Van " ( " She's gonna love me in my C. V./and that's alright with me " ) died , at 66 .

  As an artist he never had much else in hit records , I believe (he did have a sucessful Nashville songwriting career post-" CV " .)...but there was a movie based on " CV " , from 70s cheapers Crown International (actually titled THE VAN , which sounds today like a slasher movie !!!!!!!) , naturally a country recut of " CV " later on...He might've only been behind Bobby " Boris " Pickett for " Lots Of Mileage Out Of One Hit " !!!!!!!!!!!( And I wasn't even thinking that " mileage " pun !) Go to sleep and dream about rock'n'roll , Sammy...

Thanks, E.D.   I remember the song and the car craze that followed it's release vividly!  I even remember that crappy movie coming out, though I never went to see it.

...CONRAD BAIN was in two products of Bud Yorkin/Norman Lear's 1970s sitcomwe factory , played conservative foil to the loudmouth liberal  title character played by Beatrice Arthur on MAUDE , then playing the daddy...I assume star-billed ?...characteron DIF'RENT STROKES , which I never watched .

  PATTY ANDREWS was the last surviving Andrews Sister .

  DAVID R. ELLIS directed many motion pictures , most notably SNAKES ON A PLANE - which had been showing signs of enjoying a " cult " revival even before his death , more's the pity !!!!!!!!!!!  The whole obscure-to-Internat-boom which fizzled out - sort of - BEFORE the thing ever got released to whatever story of that thing , I tell yez...

  ED KOCH was the three-term Mayor of New York City and a pretty active publicity hound , so even those far away from/with little interest in En Yye Cee might have caught his some in the iedia...

  Speaking of NYC , LINDA PUGACH , if she did not , perhaps , enjoy it , experienced a bizarre tabloid life course that blazed over decades of New York headlines.........

( I originally wrote " threaded over decades " and then decided to really go for the cliche !!!!! )

I TRIED to crrect my mis-writing " articles " in the URL above and , though I completed and clicked it , it didn't go up !!!!!!!!!!! Foo .

You could have made the correction in the next post. Corrected link.

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