The death of former child actor Jackie Cooper ( not to be confused with the , somewhat less fortunate as an adult and , infamously , ripped off by his parents Jackie Coogan ) inspires me to start a " Celebrity Deaths - That , Um , Don't Have The Most Obvious Connectuions To Our Beloved Genre , As Those Folks Will Tend To Get A Solo Thread , Admittedly..." omnibus thread .

  Directly , Cooper played Perry White in the Salkind/Reeve series of Superman movies , and , as per Wikipedia , about the last thing he did in the directing of episodic TV series that occupied much of his later working years were episodes of the Salkind Superboy series...

  Cooper also starred in the CBS series Hennessy ( Probably the subject of a couple Dell FOUR COLOR COMICS issues anyway , wasn't it ????????? ) , enthused over by our Cmdr. Benson , and another B&W-era series , The People's Choice .

  In pre-TV days movies with ____ ____ made them something of a team

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...The man who Rick Jones had referred to as " Rockin' JOE COCKER " died , a resident of Colorado for the last two decades.........I was late on this but.........

..I'm being quicker on the passing of DONNA DOUGLAS , best know as Elly May on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES...and who had her one child (way pre-TBH) from a marriage made at the age of 16 !!!!!!!!! Okay , um , really getting into the role , even years in advance ?

  Method acting ?

The prominent character actor Edward Herrmann died on December 31. Interestingly, depending upon who was writing the obituary he was either remembered for The Lost Boys, The Gilmore Girls TV show or his several portrayals of Franklin Roosevelt.

or a couple of episodes of St Elsewhere.

Nobody mentioned Ed Herrmann playing Herman Munster in one of the revivals of The Munsters, in 1995.

I wouldn't even have known about it myself, but a month or so ago, I saw a rerun of a Biography episode on The Munsters, and they had a clip of a moment where Herman is a waiter in a restaurant ... and the four diners at his table were the surviving members of The Munsters cast, Yvonne DeCarlo, Butch Patrick, Pat Priest and Al "Grandpa" Lewis!

...KIM FOWLEY died , at 75 .

  This eternal L.A. music business figure/" king of hype " was ~ Um , I dunno , maybe more interesting - Maybe ? - as a concept than for , at least what I heard oif it - he actually did ?

...Long-time local NYC radio and TV host JOE FRANKLIN (who was parodied on early-ish SNL , for one , and whose NYC station was a widely picked up " superstation " during the heyday of that , so even if was never specifically networked or syndicated , he was nationally seen that way...) died , a long-time " nostalgia " aficinado - which , at the time he started , really meant slient movies and Al Jolson/Eddie Cantor/vaudeville's heyday !!!!!!!!! ~ both the NY Times and NY Daily News's obits for him sum up his life well .

...R.I.P. LESLEY GORE :-( .

  (Yeah , yeah yeah , she was on " Batman " ~ I think the NY Times made a mistake regarding the authorship of one of her chart hits , BTW .)

...Nashville super-producer BILLY SHERRILL and 1960s Liverpool/Cavern British pop star CILLA BLACK .

Did Billy ever produce

 her/she ever record any of his songs ?

...For another Nashville death , I just found out about singer LYNN ANDERSON's death .

In the Love Boat, Ethel Merman and Robert Cummings played Gopher's parents. In a later episode, Cummings returned, stating his wife had died. Merman was still alive at the time. I'd guess her health (she died not long before the show was cancelled) caused her to turn down that last episode.

I think "ringing up" comes from back when you'd pick up a receiver and turn a crank to get the bell at the local switchboard to ring, then tell them who you wanted them to connect you to.
Lee Semmens said:

Commander Benson said:

For years, I've been expecting to see in "The Straight Dope", or one of those other answer-question-type columns, someone ask:  "Why do people call it 'dialing a phone number', when we push buttons to do it?"

A few years ago, a letter writer to the local newspaper complained about people who were still referring to "ringing" up someone, when hardly anyone uses a rotary telephone these days, but push-button ones instead.

Silly me, I was always under the impression that the "ringing" was reference to the sound of the bell of the phone at the other end! I still think that is what is meant by "ringing" up someone.

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