......with Mike Curtis as the writin' one:-)


This is the front page of the site , check the Strips list...unless DT happens to be on the front page when you check it !!!!! Woo hoo !!!

  Then you win...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING . :-)

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Tracy looks hungover in the first panel. Also his left hand looks massive.

...Okay , dry humor aside , again , Joe Staton takes over as Dick Tracy artist to-day , the 4th in the strip's history , and the 1st not to have had a stint as Chester Gould's assistant in his past ! See what you think .

  I am of the opinion ( And , have thought of posting as a seperate post here , but I'll include it in here instead:-)...) that Dick Tracy may the character known as a comics character who has had the most American English-language comic book publishers pubilsh him/her/it .

  I think that might be true for " regular " comic books - Uh , more-or-less " standard "-format , though there's several of those , comic books published in a periodical format ( But including one-shots . ) , and offered for sale as standard comic book .

  If we strech the definition and count:

(1) Semi-pro/" upscale fanzine " strip reprint projects from at least the Menomonee Falls Gazette on .

(2) Book-format reprints by publishers who are not rooted in the comics world ( Harper & Row , Random House , et al. )...and , now that I think of it , starting-as-a-book collections from comics world-based publishers ( Eclipse , Checker , et al. ) .

(3) Book projects sort of comics-based but " not quite " comics ( Big Little Books and Little Golden Books and the like . ) .

- The total might go even higher !!!

  Now , ironically , the reason that there've been so many publishers is that , in general , no comics publisher has ever had a super-ultra-meag-long run with Mrs. Tracy's jut-jawed laddie . Harvey Comics Atomic/early Silver Age DICK TRACY COMICS MONTHLY is the longest , I'd think .

  Otherwise: DC , Blackthorne , Hollywood , ACG ( the early-00s Canadian one ) , Dell...I'm just not going any firther than that...kept trying , but not getting all that long for their runs .

  But , the general popularity of D. T. as a strip , as well as , arguabley , an above-average fan popularity...and the fact that the strip kept running , and the many media versions giving it a wider visibility...Well , I think Dick's a likely champion . Oh , and Dick's owner , ( now- ) Tribune Media Services , has generally-if-not-absolutely-always NOT kept the character for itself , Trib appears to have been pretty willing to liscence Tess' mister out to anyone , presumably , with a little money and a business plan !

  Any other possible competitors for comics-associated character with...

...most publishers suggested here ?

  I do imagine that Flash Gordon and Tarzan could be contenders .

  Now , all of these cracters as comics - Oh , and I used that awkward

..." known as a comics character " phrasing so we wouldn't argue about Tarzan's eligibility . - are rooted in " The Golden Age of Continuity Strips " , pre-World War II , and they ARE all still running even to this day as strips and , of course , have had plenty of media versions over the years ! Not too co-ink-a-dink-al-ly , I thisketh !:-) Sez you ?

  Oh , and I was unable to correct a coupla mispellings above , no matter whether the blurb said " Edit " or no .



Here's an article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal about the new Tracy team. The Jackson (Tenn.) Sun also interviewed them. Curtis and Staton both grew up in West Tennessee, and both first read "Dick Tracy" in the Sun. Just like I did.


The irony is that the Sun no longer runs the strip now produced two hometown boys. It dropped it more than 30 years ago.

Looks good. (I'll wait for a collected edition, though.) I found the previous version unreadable. So, Lizz is chief now? Hmm. Between Blackthorne and SPEC Productions, the entirety of Chester Gould's run is available (or has been at one time). Check out www.specproductions.com. Tell 'em Jeff of Earth-J sent ya.
So ... why is it that Dick Tracy gets a new creative team, while Brenda Starr and Little Orphan Annie get sent out to pasture? Anybody know? Anybody willing to speculate?

Perhaps Dick Tracy is benefitting from the popularity of TV cop shows combined with his nearly Batman-like Rogues Gallery. There could be more interest in future movie/TV rights while the soap opera qualities of the other two may not attract.

Or maybe Dick Tracy is cool again!

My default guess would be Dick Tracy simply appears in more papers. According to Wikipedia someone was thinking of making a TV series few years ago, and Warren Beatty sued saying he held the rights.

What! Still! Hasn't he done enough damage to Tracy??

Luke Blanchard said:

My default guess would be Dick Tracy simply appears in more papers. According to Wikipedia someone was thinking of making a TV series few years ago, and Warren Beatty sued saying he held the rights.

I doubt Dick Tracy still appears in enough newspapers to justify saving him and not Annie or Brenda Starr.
The thinking may be that potentially there is a greater audience for a crime/cop strip than a series about an orphan or a starry eyed reporter. Tracy would also seem to have more licensing opportunities than the other two. That alone could give a dying strip another chance. Even though I haven't read Dick Tracy in ages, I am looking forward to seeing Joe Staton's work on the strip. His cartoony, yet dramatic style seems like a near perfect fit.

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