Anyone else reading the latest Hellblazer comics? It's as strong as the book has every been. Si Spurrier, Aaron Campbell & Jordie Bellaire have made it brutal and topical, recalling the early days of the character. This feels like the Jamie Delano/John Ridgeway run... gritty and urban, with thick shadows and inky smudges and a righteous political rage. I'm loving it. 


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Sounds great! I will certainly read it when they collect it.

Yeah, I think you're gonna love it. It's a real return to form.

I've been reading and enjoying the new series, Rob. The art is a little too scratchy for me, but that is a small complaint. I really like that it has started with some smaller story arcs. So many series have 6+ issue arcs, the smaller ones here have been refreshing.

I love this book. It feels exactly like the Vertigo series did.

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