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Rest in peace.

I interviewed Dan about a year before he passed. It was inspiring to talk to someone who had been in love with someone for so long. 

...Obviously , I guessed what this was about from the header , but doesn't anyone have (say) the NY Times' obit up or whatnot ???????

  Was her full (first + married last ) name Josette DeCarlo , even if she was nicknamed Josie ?????????

...I grew upn Westchester County , New York , directly north of NYC , and I believe the DeCarlos lived there .

  Could the main newspaper there , the ( officially in White Plains ) JOURNAL NEWS have given Mrs. DeC a ( non-paid  news story ) obit ??? If the Grey Lady seems a little ambitious...

  My mother had a news obit in that paper ( one edition , anyway , under another name , then ) , and my father would've , had the lawyers handling his case immediately after his death not messed up in sending the information in:-( .

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The Justice League comes to an end in 'Justice League' #75

Posted by Captain Comics on January 20, 2022 at 5:30pm 2 Comments

Joshua Williamson & Rafa Sandoval Team up for the Final Issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE out on April 19…



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