Yay!  It'll be nice to have another Joss Whedon series on television every week -- even if his involvement will apparently be somewhat limited.

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Well he is crazy. I think to him there is no difference between SHIELD and HYDRA. I hope he's just crazy and this isn't sloppy plotting. I liked the final, it had some good parts to it and a real moment of sacrifice. I don't think Whitehall's going to stay dead though.

Captain Comics said:

Also, the song "Daisy" is what Hal 9000 was singing as he died. I don't think that's related, I just wanted to say it.

BTW, none of Skye's father's story made a lick of sense. This is what we know, objectively:

Skye's mother was alive in World War II, as was Whitehall. She was captured, and taken to Germany for experimentation, but Agent Carter and the Howling Commandoes brought down Whitehall's operation.

Whitehall was put in jail for 60 or 70 years. (I immediately thought of Rudolf Hess in Spandau.)

Whitehall was rescued by Hydra ... what, five years ago? He found Skye's mother again, and stole all of her organs and blood to restore his own youth.

So that's what we know, through "objective narrator" scenes. Skye's father wants us to believe ...

* Whitehall found Skye's mother when he got out of prison four or five years ago, and killed her then. (Despite the objective narrative that Skye's mother was killed shortly after Skye's birth, twentysomething years ago.)

* That S.H.I.E.L.D. burst into his clinic and stole his wife. (Although he acknowledges that it was Whitehall that killed his wife -- Whitehall, who has never been anything BUT a Hydra agent.)

* That Whitehall killed his wife 26 years ago (or however old Skye is), while Whitehall was in prison.

And so forth. None of it makes a lick of sense.

I figure that whoever kidnapped the mother either were Hydra agents misrepresenting themselves as SHIELD or Hydra agents who had infiltrated SHIELD.

Heads up, SHIELD returns this Tuesday.

The season finale has aired, and it was OK. Thet left a lot of balls in the air, so season 3 won't start cold.

Interesting what they did with Coulson vis-a-vis his arm. I have no idea where that is going.

I don't know what the liquid rock is, either. I don't recall anything similar in the comics.

Glad to see Mack is staying; I never thought his tiff with Coulson made sense. If anybody eas keeping secrets, it was Gonzles.

Bobbi indicates she's going to retire, but I can't believe they're gonna write out one of their most interesting cast members. Hope not, anyway.

Was glad to see the plot to Secret Warriors arrive. That was comic book Daisy's breakout role, so maybe it will finally make me like her!

Captain Comics said:

I don't know what the liquid rock is, either. I don't recall anything similar in the comics.

Didn't we have a magnetic(?) villain early in the series who was based upon a comics villain. He wound up being absorbed/changed into some sort of liquid. I can't remember the villain's name and can't seem to find a reference to his episode.

Sounds a bit like the U-Foes.

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