Yay!  It'll be nice to have another Joss Whedon series on television every week -- even if his involvement will apparently be somewhat limited.

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...Yeah , I saw Stan Lee himself's announcement of it last nite on " his " (Perhaps that's unessecarily bitchy , pretty much true for many celebrities - Certainly those born before " The Jazz Singer " came out ?????????) Facebook feed last nite - Yep , " we're ' friends ' " . :-) !

...I was going to ask whether the 616 version of Fury might temporarily retire/need some adjusting to his eternal youth formula for the duration of the series...and now I just found out , by accident in fact !!!!! , from Wikipedia about the Samuel L.-like Nick Fury , Jr. who has been introduced in 616 .

  Well !!!!!!!!!!!








It's just been announced that Whedon has cast Clark Gregg (aka, Agent Phil Coulson) for the show.  Since the series is supposed to be set within the continuity of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe", it looks as if Agent Coulson may not have died after all.


Either that or he's a clone.

Or Agent Coulson's previously unmentioned twin brother.

Or a ghost.

Or a shapeshifter posing as Coulson.

Or Agent Coulson returned from the dead through supernatural means.  (Have I missed any possible explanations?)



Anyway, a lot of people seem to be annoyed by this, but I enjoyed Gregg's performance, so it'll be nice to see him again.

Yes, you missed the obvious one....he was an LMD....Life Model Decoy, or else, he will be revealed as one in the new appearances.... or maybe a hologram like in Star Trek Voyager's doctor!

I was/am a big proponent of the LMD theory. But another possibility is that the timeline of the series takes place before the events of the movie.


Here's the new trailer promoting the show.



I was hoping that Neal McDonough might reprise his role as Dum Dum Dugan from Captain America: The First Avenger, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.  Still, It's nice to see J. August Richards getting a regular gig again (playing Luke Cage perhaps?).

Do you think if we started up a petition, we could get Whedon to slip a "Sweet Christmas!" into a script?

According to the show's producer it's not Luke Cage

Will they be good guys or bad guys?

Well, I would surmise they are the good guys, based on the above trailer.  The tagline near the end was "Not all heroes are super".  Based on the use of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the Avengers movie, the Iron Man movies, etc., that seems obvious.  They won't be mistaken for the Boy Scouts, but they are far from villains.
Mark S. Ogilvie said:

Will they be good guys or bad guys?

Didn't look like they were being very nice to the girl in the van.

Good guys doesn't necessarily mean nice guys.

She was working against them, and interfering with their mission. From what I can tell from the preview, though, they offer her a job. 

They're definitely good guys, who will likely have to make hard decisions between heroism and pragmatism sometimes. Therein lies drama.

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