Yay!  It'll be nice to have another Joss Whedon series on television every week -- even if his involvement will apparently be somewhat limited.

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I think that depends on how they loose.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Yes, I was being sarcastic, but it was a dig at Gotham, not Chase -- I've never read it, so I have no opinion on it, good, bad or indifferent.

But I do wonder how, and how long, Gotham can pull off a series where the cops win some of the battles but are foreordained to lose the war.

Captain Comics said:

I realize you're being sarcastic, CK, but yes, I thought that was the premise for Chase, and I was interested to see how long she could keep doing bad things for bad people in the name of doing something good. And there were a few other things tossed in there as well, such as her smoking and bad choices in men and a mysteriously bad past -- none of which is obviously different than Gordon, except for her obvious roughness around the edges. She wasn't middle class, and preferred the company of unsavory types -- in fact, her boyfriend was a reformed supervillain weapons supplier, who wasn't all that reformed, but she turned a blind eye to his extracurricular activities as long as he didn't get into serious trouble.

So, yeah, there were some Gordon elements there, but also some class things and gender things that Gordon didn't have. Plus she had a job that especially and deliberately put her at odds with the people that we think of as the Good Guys, underscored by her working for Mr. Bones, not a terribly reformed supervillain, which meant we really saw her at the wrong end of the telescope. All of which, of course, made me root all the more that she would rise above it and fly her True Hero flag.

Which I never got to see, because the series was canceled.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Captain Comics said:

I liked Chase, and I liked Chase. I was sorry to see it canceled. But the central tension -- decent person in an indecent job -- could only pertain for so long, and I wasn't surprised to see it go.

Hmmm... that's the entire basis for Gotham, watching rookie detective Jim Gordon flail about in a corrupt environment -- and fail, to the extent that a vigilante has to rise to do the Gotham P.D.'s work for them. The producers have said so.

I wonder how well that can work over the long haul ...

I just finished watching the first episode of season 2. A little dark, but well done.

How about the Absorbing Man?

I liked it a lot -- it was on par with the stronger episodes at the end of last season, and I was glad to see they hadn't missed a step. I like Ward's new status quo, and am interested in what Fitz is going through. (Oddly enough, I thought we'd not see a lot of Fitz early this season because of the finale, and it turns out we probably won't see much of Simmons!) There was a great moment with the Absorbing Man grabbing a ball and chain, and I loved the use of his powers in general. I'm really interested in seeing where this goes this season.

I am hoping that Talbot gets a bit smarter as the season goes on.

There was a great moment with the Absorbing Man grabbing a ball and chain ...

I had kind of a squee moment at that.

Yeah, loved the ball and chain! 

Also, loved how they used AM's power. It wasn't as powerful as the comics, which is good -- that's really too much for us poor humans to deal with. But they made the scaled-down use more plausible by showing the time and effort it took Creel to do his thing.

I tell you what really surprised (and pleased) me, though: the unexpected. I assumed, reading all the stories and examing the cast lists and such that Xena and her pals would just be added to the list of quirky agents Coulson has to deal with. Did NOT see the terrible consequences of that first mission coming. Heck, I'm not even sure what I saw in that crushed car. 

Loved seeing Agent Carter, Dum Dum and Morita again. And looking forward to Agent Carter in December! 

He really shouldn't be at full power unless they have him face Thor. Or the Hulk.

This thread has been inactive while the show has been getting better and better. This week's episode was a rip-snorter.

For those who've given up on it, Coulson is now director, but what saved his life -- the Kree blood -- may be driving him crazy. They've added a bunch of new agents, including an Australian one I find irritating but also Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morse, and she's all right. She's played by a tall, athletic (and good-looking, natch) actress who is convincing in the physical role.

Meanwhile, SHIELD and Hydra are both racing for the secret of a Kree artifact, which involves a hidden city (which if it isn't called Attilan I will be quite annoyed). In the meantime, dangerous turncoat Grant Ward has escaped and hooked up with Hydra (for his own agenda), currently run by a former Nazi who has been around since World War II and miraculously not aged because of something he took ("I took everything") from a Chinese woman who didn't age because of the artifiact. That woman, it is implied, is Skye's mother. Her father, played by Kyle MacLachlan with psycho relish, is also hooking up with Hydra (for his own agenda). And he has the artifact (which kills everyone it doesn't make immortal if they touch it, and there's no way to tell unless you touch it).

The show keeps improving every week. Virtually everything I disliked about the first season is gone, and now it's just one surprise, turnabout or impending disaster after another. Fun!

Grant Ward may be the most dangerous person in a comic-based TV show. I have no idea what his motivations are or where his loyalty really lies It's possible that even he doesn't know. He is the wildest factor. And Skye is still annoying but more sympathetic. And we definitely have to learn more about Mae.

Wonder if they'll find the Nega-Bands?

  I caught it off the dvr last night and I found it interesting, I felt sorry for the Chinese woman who had to spend all those years on the run.  I surprised when Coulson refered to Fury as a good director of SHIELD.  The guy ran an organization so infiltrated by HYDRA that they probably ran the lunch counter on the helicarieer.  

I disliked Skye in the first season, too, at least before the Big Reveal, in that she was being played as the Hot Chick we're all supposed to drool over and the ingenue we're all supposed to sympathize with. I felt neither urge, so her continued portrayal in those roles annoyed me. But it looks like The Skye Story was just one of the ways the show was spinning its wheels until Winter Soldier turned the table over, and she has been nothing like what annoyed me since. Now she's just another team member, and she's learned some skills (and brought some with her) that make her continued presence explainable. She's even dressing more sensibly, instead of all those distracting low-cut/short-hemmed dresses that did not really flatter her.

Honestly, Agent May is probably the most attractive woman on the show, and she's in her 40s or 50s. She's in great physical condition, in addition to just being good-looking.

And I agree completely with you about Ward. At first I thought they were crazy not to put a bullet in his head, but since they didn't, he is now, as you say, a completely unpredictable element of the show. Fun, except when he kills people we like. (Did anyone buy his brother's "confession"? Weirdly, it COULD be true, but it's impossible to tell!)

I was vaguely surprised about the artifact, in that it didn't look like any of the power thingies in the Marvel Universe, and they sure had plenty to choose from. But this episode MacLachlan revealed (in an amusing manner) that there's something inside the artifact. Something we'll recognize, I bet. Maybe even something Thanos wants ... ?

Philip Portelli said:

Grant Ward may be the most dangerous person in a comic-based TV show. I have no idea what his motivations are or where his loyalty really lies It's possible that even he doesn't know. He is the wildest factor. And Skye is still annoying but more sympathetic. And we definitely have to learn more about Mae.

Wonder if they'll find the Nega-Bands?

Or the Evil Eye.


Philip Portelli said:

Wonder if they'll find the Nega-Bands?

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