For those of us who have been around the net together since the Compuserve Information Service days, I consider it appropriate that the last item in the last Ask Mr. Silver Age column in the last issue of Comics Buyers Guide should be a reference to Justice League of America #11 (although it's not about the part we usually discuss).

Thanks for more than 20 years of Silver Agey fun, Craig. I hope you can find another place for the continuing adventures of Mr. Silver Age.

--your pal, Hoy

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Thanks, Hoy! I thought about the fact that I was using that issue when I wrote it, but not after the announcement.

The fact that it finished #1 in the rankings is an indication of why I so whole-heartedly defend that issue whenever it comes up (as it always does). That it became the last comic I ever talked about in CBG seems fitting to me.

It's gonna take me some time to come to grips with the fact that I have no column to write next month, or the month after, meaning I have no established reason to dig around through my comics collection.

I don't know if I'll find another place to go, but it was a fun ride and lasted way, way longer than I ever expected it would!

-- MSA

Alright, inquiring minds want to know...just what was the point of the column, if it's not what we normally talk about in this place?

How about a link to the final installment on-line?

It's not online yet.  Hoy usually posts them a few weeks after they appear in the magazine, as people were supposed to buy the magazine rather than just get the content online.  (Which was part of the problem, alas.)


Hoy is talking about the post that has just appeared in the magazine for those of us who might have purchased said final issue.

OK, then what's the link for the month before that...or two months ago?  I'd like to go read me some Mr. S.A. before it's gone.

Is JLA 11 the issue with the "Robin, what have I done to you?" panel?

I know what they're talking about butt it's not my place to say.

Oh, right THAT sequence!

The last few years' worth of my column are still available on CBG's website, which Antique Trader is supposed to retain as an archive. Whether all that will stick around is hard to say, so read up now while you can!

They're here: Some of the other columnists have material posted, too, so you could browse around while you're there.

I gave CBG permission to upload my column many years ago, as I figured it would get me a wider audience and didn't hurt my payment any. CBG got some more traffic to the site, I suppose, but they didn't do much with it once they shut down the Forums.

I doubt anyone was buying CBG solely for the materials they posted online from the magazine, but if they were, that meant fewer subscribers for no strong return. I often don't understand magazines' strategy for making money these days, especially when it comes to the effort they put into websites.

BTW, Hoy, it occurred to me last night that I also discussed JLA #11 in the very *first* article I ever wrote for CBG, which later appeared in BBC. That was very likely the best 12 cents I ever spent in my life.

-- MSA

It's probably up to me to describe exactly what made JLA # 11 by far the most discussed topic ever throughout the many iterations of Mr. Age Online... but out of respect for the untimely passing of CBG, I will refrain.

For now.

@MSA I am going to assume that BBC refers to your book Baby Boomer's Comics and not the other thing that it is associated with on the internet. LMAO!

Unfortunately, when I looked for JLA #11 in the search function, it is apparantly not working.

As it returned ever column by any author ever submitted to CBG.

So, unless someone else has some guidance on how to search to narrow to JLA #11...that story appears to have faded into oblivion.


That's a shame.

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