Last year I got unavoidably sidetracked on my resolution from 2012 to read every Silver Age Marvel super-hero comic from Fantastic Four #1 in the order they were published. This year I resumed my mission and I've just finished the issues published in September 1965. That includes Avengers #22, which is the second part of the two-part story that introduced Power Man, who teamed with the Enchantress to discredit the new Avengers and cause them to break up. After blackmailing, framing and attempting to murder them, and after proving that they had been set up, the Avengers and the police let him go because he's sad that the Enchantress left him. 

Anyway, in the middle of the story is a three-panel sequence in which the narrator and the public ask why the original Avengers don't come back and straighten up the mess. Iron Man and Thor are busy in their own titles, and Giant-Man's (and one assumes, the Wasp's) mysterious disappearance is mentioned.

This comes more than a year after Giant-Man's last story in Tales to Astonish. As far as I've been able to discover, this is the last Silver Age appearance of Henry Pym's Giant-Man costume and identity before Pym's  later cameo appearance in the Sub-Mariner strip in Tales to Astonish and before he takes the identity of Goliath after he returns in the Avengers half a year later. And he's wearing his helmet and vest costume, which I liked a lot.

Well, *I* thought it was interesting.


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If you like to discuss Giant-Man, here's a link to our previous talk about the Human Top.


Hoy Murphy said:

Hank also got the late ability to make other things grow (remember Boopsie?) but that went away after the strip was canceled.

They used this power to great effect in the Ant-Man movie.

Even if the stories seem dated, you've still got lots of artwork by Kirby, Heck, Ayers and Powell, in color, so I'd say it's a good buy. I bought it even though I have the originals and the Essential reprints. My one complaint is that it cuts off before the end of the strip and there aren't enough left to fill a second volume.

Hank and Jan are disrespected a lot. I always liked them , and was able to pick cheap copies of both volumes of the Ant-Man/Giant-Man Masterworks (one HC, one SC). I think they tend to be cheaper since he isn't popular. They cover everything from the original Man in the Anthill story through his last TTA story, in full color.

Hank got that ability back in the 80s.

Where are their Masterworks cheaper? The cheapest I've seen volume 1 is 44 dollars for a used copy of the paperback version.

All the Silver Age Ant/Giant-Man are probably online for subscribers at Marvel's website.

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