From Dateline: "'DC's Legends of Tomorrow': Brandon Routh & Courtney Ford to Depart CW Drama As Series Regulars in Season 5"

This wasn't their call[ it is, as they say, a storyline-dictated decision.

Too bad. I've felt increasingly iffy about the show, and part of it is the constant cast turnover. This leaves the show with only two original cast members, and I don't like all of the replacements (he said, looking at Mona).

And I liked this version of Ray Palmer. Leading-man handsome, but also earnest, brave, geeky, and hands down the sunniest guy on the team. 

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Richard Willis said:

Although they were less-developed, this reminds me of the departure of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. 

The showrunner and the writers apparently drop characters when they run out of ideas for them. Subject to the availability of the actors, I hope we occasionally see Ray and Nora in future episodes.

I've always enjoyed the Ray Palmer character and have enjoyed Nora since she stopped being possessed. I disagree about Mona, who I've also enjoyed. 

Running out of ideas? For writers, that's malpractice. They're SUPPOSED to come up with ideas!

As for Mona, well, that's what makes horse races. For what it's worth, she made a guest appearance in last week's episode.

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