Ramona Young Joins as Series Regular Alaska Yu; Comedian Tom Wilson Will Recur as Nate’s Father

BURBANK, Calif. (July 21, 2018) — The carefree time travelers of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will welcome two new faces as they set out to hunt temporal Fugitives in the show’s fourth season (Mondays 9/8c The CW this fall). The casting news was announced in the series’ Comic-Con panel session this afternoon.

Ramona Young (Blockers, Santa Clarita Diet) joins the cast in the series regular role of Alaska Yu. A typical twentysomething easily swept up by romantic notions and fantasy novels, she’s something of an expert in the world of the magical creatures that the Legends encounter in season four. In the company

Tom Wilson (The Informant, Back to the Future, The Mayor) will recur as Nate’s (Nick Zano) father, Hank Heywood. With a lifetime in the military and Dept. of Defense, Hank is part of a long line of Heywoods to serve the country. Charming and charismatic, he’s left big shoes for Nate to fill — and it doesn’t help that Nate can’t tell him he’s secretly a Legend!

These new characters join the previously announced John Constantine (Matt Ryan), Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) and Nora Darhk (Courtney Ford), who will all appear in season four.

Based on the characters from DC, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is from Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Executive produced by Greg Berlani, Phil Klemmer, Keto Shimizu and Sarah Schechter, the series returns for season four on Monday, October 22, at 9/8c on The CW.

Ramona Young

Tom Wilson

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This last episode was more fun than I expected it to be. Everybody stayed in character, despite the weird premise, and the jokes were organic.

Ray: "I love camp! At Camp so-and-so, the other kids called me Kid Counselor!"

John: "And you thought that was a compliment, didn't ya?"

Legends of Tomorrow returns on this coming Monday, April 1.

At this point for me, Legends of Tomorrow is just something I have on in the background while I'm doing something else. (Actually, I watch all my TV while I'm doing something else, but I pay less attention to Legends than I do to most other shows.)

Anyway, I really find the newcomer Mona nothing but entirely absolutely annoying. I don't get why they moved Nate off the team and working in the bureaucracy of the Time Bureau. It's gone full tilt into Nate and his daddy issues with Hank, played with menacing bluster but a certain amount of charm by Thomas F. Wilson, enough to make you almost forget a certain movie trilogy Wilson was in 30-plus years ago.

So, of course, they --   photo spoiler-1.gif -- kill off Hank, and Nate thinks Nora Darkh did it. This week's episode opens with Hank's funeral. Does it bother anybody else that Hank was buried in the old, green Class A Army uniform, and not the modern blue one? 

Aside from that, the big setpiece of the episode was a full-on Bollywood song-and-dance number, which fits with the current goofy style of Legends. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun.

The show is definitely fun. So much so that  after seeing some of this week's episode (including the Bollywood sequence) my wife has decided she wants to watch it! Superheroes are usually not her thing at all.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Does it bother anybody else that Hank was buried in the old, green Class A Army uniform, and not the modern blue one? 

I haven't watched this episode yet, but think I'll tackle this question. Since I was in the Army 50(!) years ago, the "forest green" was the one I wore, along with the Class B short-sleeved tan that was then worn by the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force. As far as I know, Hank was a veteran, not a current Army member. Some veterans choose to wear full uniforms as old as WWII at special gatherings. I don't think that there is any rule that a deceased veteran can't be dressed in an older uniform, even in a military funeral. I have noted that persons being awarded the Medal of Honor by a President always seem to wear the current Class A (or the different Dress) uniform during the ceremony, regardless of when they served.

Being slightly(?) anal, I always peruse uniforms on TV shows. I look at medals in particular to see if the ones I recognize make sense for the age and back-story of the character. The most maddening error I've seen was on the very enjoyable TV show Dharma & Greg. Thomas Gibson's character (Greg) was a lawyer. At some point, he and his friend joined the Army Reserve or National Guard to serve as JAG officers. They showed him in uniform wearing a Combat Infantry Badge!

The Marines and Air Force don't wear branch insignia (as in Infantry, Artillery, JAG, etc) but the Army does. The most common error I see is an Army general wearing a branch insignia. Up to colonel branches are worn, but generals are, well, general. No matter the branch they were in as a colonel, if they become a general they no longer have a branch.

So far the only IMDB goof I have pointed out was a period piece having an early 70s soldier who played guitar going about town in what was then called a fatigue (now called "utility?") uniform. Today, all military branches travel and walk around in such uniforms. Back then he would have been stopped early on and never made it to the bus station.

I love Legends' new, sillier tone. Whatever the show started out as, it morphed into the JLI of the DC TV universe, and I couldn't be happier. Some of the comedy beats don't always land, and like all CW shows, the real superpower is being in touch with your feelings, but I find it pretty delightful overall. (And like Mark, my wife also started watching the show again with me, after dropping it in season 1.)

I've never been in any of the services, but I tend to notice these things, ever since I was a kid watching I Dream of Jeannie and didn't understand why Major Healy wasn't in the same uniform as every other character on the show. 

I see from Wikipedia that the Army went to blue Class A uniforms in 2008; before that, blue was for the Dress uniform. That switch was longer ago than I realized; I thought it happened only within the past five years. Next year, the Army plans to revive the World War II-style "pinks and greens" look, and the Dress uniform will again be blue.

Saying that the WWII uniform is historic is true, of course. The historic part of the blue uniform with golden trim is that these colors were standard from the Revolutionary War to the end of the 19th century. The soldiers may or may not have to put out money, but somebody is making money off all these changes. I never had a dress uniform, or all of the tuxedo style uniforms, since it wasn't my career choice. One could buy them. The Marines had no choice but to buy dress blues.

I just ... I can't ... That's just ... This show just keeps finding new ways to make me laugh out loud.

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