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Last I saw of him was the action figure guest spot on Big Bang Theory.  He was more than Spock but Spock is what he'll be remembered for.

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  I think that was because he was surrounded by very emotional humans.  If he was in with a group of vulcans he wouldn't have had to.

  First Star Trek book I ever bought was "Spock Must Die" by Jame's Blish.  It was so strange to read an adventure that wasn't part of the series.

Ron M. said:

Always did seem like Spock protested a bit too much that he didn't.

Spock protested all the time that he didn't have emotions because he was surrounded by humans who kept nagging him about it and didn't respect him enough to shut up and leave him alone. 

Mostly Dr. McCoy. Their relationship was sort of a never ending chess game.

Just saw DeForest Kelly get killed after impersonating a sheriff (Lon Chaney) on Wanted Dead or Alive. I've also seen him in a couple of other westerns as doctors long before Star Trek.

I saw a young Leonard Nimoy playing a villain on a first-season episode of Get Smart. Oddly, he looked for all the world like a young Richard Belzer.

Me-TV announced they're going to run episodes from several shows today with him in them.

My personal tribute consisted of listening to...

1) "Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space"

2) "Spock vs. Q"

3) William Shatner's "You've Got Time"

Right now I'm watching Leonard Nimoy playing a murderous surgeon on Columbo ("A Stitch in Crime", Season 2 episode 6). He was great as always.

He was also in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And it was strange to see him in the role of a bad guy.

I liked Nimoy's portrayal of a Vulcan Star Fleet Officer over Tim Russ's portrayal of one.

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