Earlier this week, Tracy and I started watching Mad About You… for the third time. This is Tracy’s choice for me having made her watch 325 episodes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. We first started watching it early in the 2Ks. I had never even heard of it. It stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as a young married couple living in New York in the ‘90s. We got up to whatever season it was, then the DVDs stopped coming out because of some sort of legal dispute. Years pass. The dispute is resolved, but so much time had passed we decided to start over at the beginning again. We get caught up, then they stop again. More years pass, but when the collections resume, they released a “best of” series retrospective rather than the next season, which would have been the sixth (of seven), I believe. Recently they released a seven-season set on DVD, so… we started over at the beginning again.

Is anyone else here familiar with the series?

Is anyone interested in season 1-5 sets?

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I think at one point Jamie was head of a pr firm for a mayoral candidate.

I thought Paul's friend Selby appeared throughout season one and was replaced with Paul's cousin Ira in season two, but that switch came in the middle of season one.

Similarly, Fran and Mark's marital problems began toward the end of season one (I thought it was seaon two). The writing's on the wall for Mark.

Mad About You shares a universe not only with Friends and Seinfeld but with The Dick Van Dyke Show as well. In one third season episode, Carl Reiner reprises his role as TV funnyman Alan Brady.

DREAM WEAVER: “Paul and Jamie each have strange dreams with sexual undertones and bizarre happenings. They try to interpret them, but even the interpretations are bizarre.

This episode is a.k.a. “The Laugh-In” episode as one of the dreams had the cast of Laugh-In appear in Paul & Jamie’s living room.

Not only did I misremember the character Mark being with Fran for all of season one, I thought he was complete gone for subsequent seasons. Turns out he’s a recurring character at least through season three.

Helen Hunt’s real life husband is now cast as a recurring character (Murry’s dog-walker), which is kind of surreal somtimes.

Season Four was all about trying to get pregnant. The three-part season finale was about infidelity, as both Paul and Jamie were tempted. In the last scene of the season, Jamie revealed she was pregnant.

The second episode of the fifth season featured Mel Brooks as Paul and Ira's eccentric uncle. (What other kind of uncle would Mel Brooks be?)

I'm up to season six, episodes I have never seen before. The baby (Mabel) has been born. Episodes this season so far have been a little sillier, stretching the fourth wall to its breaking point. The episode we watched last night guest-starred the magician (as opposed to the literary character) David Copperfield.

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