From our previous discussion(s), the most recent in the 12 Questions thread, the Dobie Gillis DVD is being released on July 2. It's a mere $97.99 for 3600 minutes on TWENTY disks!

-- MSA

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A hundred bucks, huh? Well, I'd easily shell out 25 bucks for a season's worth, but I tend to take quite a while to get through an entire season, so I dunno if buying them all at once is the best idea or not. It's one of those conundrums... they probably won't issue them in individual seasons unless the combo box set does well, but on the other hand, I've waited this long, I can probably hold out a bit longer to see if they chop these up into four seasons' worth of sets. That's what they ended up doing with "Get Smart," for instance.

But then again, if the DVD extras are fabulous, maybe I don't want to wait that long. It's been probably 15 years or so since "Dobie" last ran in reruns around here. Hmmm... what to do, what to do?

I've never actually seen this show, but I remember seeing the re-union show they did.

I wouldn't mind seeing the DC Dobie Gillis comics reprinted.

Never seen the show, nor has it been on TV in my time (and I am 52!).

I saw it on, I think, what is now TV Land in the late 80s. I liked the show a lot, and the chicken episode got way out there.

As you know, I'm old. Used to watch the show in its first run.

It had some really fun characters, especially Dobie's dad, played by Frank Faylen.

I've added it to my Amazon "Saved for Later" file along with the complete Barney Miller.

If/when the price drops enough I'll eventually get it.

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

I've never actually seen this show, but I remember seeing the re-union show they did.


As do I (I've seen a couple of the episodes too). The reunion show borrowed its plot from a famous play written in German, The Visit by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

I became a big fan of Dobie's parents. Frank Faylen was an athlete and acrobat, and got to do a couple of pretty eye-popping stunts during the course of the series. Plus, he was a great comic actor. The actress who played Dobie's Mom (her name escapes me) was later a regular patient of Bob Hartley on The Bob Newhart Show.
There were two reunion shows, of which I've only seen the second, "Bring Me The Head of Dobie Gillis." The earlier one, "Whatever Happened To Dobie Gillis?" is one I search YouTube for once in a while, in vain.

Man, I haven't seem Dobie Gillis in probably 25 years. I recall liking the reruns that I saw, and being blow away that Gilligan was on there. What was his name  on the show? Maynard T. Krebbs?

Maynard G Krebs. The G stands for Walter.

If anyone needs the reminder, the Scooby Doo gang were visually based on the cast of Dobie Gillis. Fred:Dobie, Shaggy:Maynard, Velma:Zelda, Daphne:Thalia. Thalia was played by Tuesday Weld, whose name inspired the name of Wednesday Addams.

In turn, Dobie's cast was seemingly modeled after the Archie cast. Archie: Dobie, Jughead: Maynard, Veronica: Thalia, Betty: Zelda, Reggie: Milton Armitage, and later, Chatsworth. Dobie was introduced in Max Shulman's book and short stories, but these supporting characters never apprared, at least not as a unit.
If you get the DVD set, note that the final episode is a rewrite of the first episode.

Craig B said, "but these supporting characters never appeared, at least not as a unit."

I read both books and only Maynard and Chatsworth were created for the show. Milton Armitage, Thalia and particularly Zelda, who Dobie finally ends up married to(!), were in the books.

I recently saw a few early episodes on line that I thought were pretty good. Mostly because the author/creator Max Shulman was attached to the show and wrote a lot of them (and probably supervised things in general). When he left things started to go downhill.


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