From our previous discussion(s), the most recent in the 12 Questions thread, the Dobie Gillis DVD is being released on July 2. It's a mere $97.99 for 3600 minutes on TWENTY disks!

-- MSA

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...Thank you , MSA . I couldn't access this part of the line until now .

  Them landing in the Army sort of sounded like the sort of thing a long-running sitcom would do in its last stages , at the " Just one more season " point , and , with the characters starting as high-schoolers?? , in that time of a universal draft , it seemed that they could , after HS , go to college for a while , with an (Implied/not stated , anyway .) deferment , but after a while , to cover it ~ and give the show something new ~ I thought they'd do the Army .

Beetle Bailey did it fairly early in his comic-strip career, but there were a lot of teen-humor strips then. It was a strange thing for Dobie to do so early, but maybe the ratings were falling. OTOH, they undid it as soon as the new season started. I don't think I'd even seen a picture of Dobie in his Army uniform before.

-- MSA

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

in that time of a universal draft , it seemed that they could , after HS , go to college for a while , with an (Implied/not stated , anyway .) deferment

I haven't yet seen the episodes, but it was stated that they JOINED, however mistakenly. They weren't drafted.

It shouldn't have applied to Maynard, however, since he was already discharged from the Army.

"Dobie Gillis" offered a plethora of retcons, so I wouldn't get too hung up on trying to reconcile plot continuities from season to season, or even from show to show. Consider, for instance, the character of Milton Armitage who by some freak mutation ended up becoming Chatsworth Osborne III, with the exact same actress playing the mother. Yvonne Craig played at least three different characters on the show over the course of four seasons. Dobie's brother Davy pretty much vanished from continuity after the first half-dozen episodes.

The one constant on the show was that the bijou would always be playing "The Monster that Devoured Cleveland."

By the way, Dobie's and Maynard's Army stint was never referenced in the comic book, although those episodes ran while the comic book was being published. So either DC had some inside info that it was going to be a short-lived thing, or else they just decided to keep doing the teen humor thing without venturing into military humor (not that DC couldn't have pulled that off, since Nadel and Oksner did very well indeed on the Sgt Bilko and Private Doberman comic books).

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