Marvel Announces THOR #1 by Aaron and Del Mundo!

Featuring an all-new creative team and all-new direction!

New York, NY—February 26, 2018—New creative teams. New series. New directions. New beginnings. It all kicks off this June with THOR #1!

“With these new #1 titles for some of our key franchises, we’re going to bring big, new and exciting stories to our core characters,” said SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “And rest assured -- the modern characters you know and love aren’t going anywhere. Their stories will continue in the Marvel Universe with more epic milestones. You won’t want to miss what’s coming…we may even have a Thor 800 when the correct time arrives!”



Written by JASON AARON

Art and Cover by MIKE DEL MUNDO

On Sale 6/13/18

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It looks like a variety of hammers/maces/axes he's spinning. That's interesting.

But the fake arm is not. He's a god -- let him grow the damn thing back. We've already got Bucky, and I've never been fan of maimed heroes. (Looking at you, Peter David Aquaman.) 

So is anyone keeping track of what titles are getting new first issues? I think Black Panther and Hulk are. Is it going to be every title with legacy numbering?

What's happened to Jane Foster? Did she get killed off?

Jane Foster has cancer, and every time she becomes Thor it cancels her chemotherapy. In the latest issue, everyone from her regular doctor to Dr. Strange said if she changed into Thor one more time it would kill her. At the end of the issue, she did and ran off to fight Mangog, who just whipped Thor and Odin.

This storyline, by the way, is titled "The Death of Thor."

So there's that.

The Baron said:

What's happened to Jane Foster? Did she get killed off?

Cool, thanks.  I knew she had cancer. I hadn't kept track of her current storyline. I was sort of hoping they wouldn't kill her off.

Speak of the devil ...


Jason Aaron talks about Mighty Thor #705, hitting shelves March 2018!

New York, NY—February 23, 2018 — For more than three years, Jason Aaron has been building Jane Foster’s story to its epic conclusion – and it all comes together in Mighty Thor #705! This March, don’t miss the final chapter of Thor’s journey, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Russell Dauterman, as Mangog’s rampage threatens to bring about the end of Asgard as we know it – and the Goddess of Thunder herself.

Get the behind the scenes look at THE DEATH OF THE MIGHTY THOR #705 featuring writer Jason Aaron!

In case you missed it, Marvel is also giving you the chance to dive into the epic final adventure for FREE with the oversized kick-off issue #700. Head to, enter the code THOR700 by Monday, February 26th, and start reading now! Don’t miss the opportunity to jump in on the story that has hooked fans and critics alike!

Don't get me wrong, I can understand that from a story-telling standpoint, not killing her would be seen as a cop-out, but I still don't like it.

On the other hand, if they do kill her off, I hope they don't magic her back to life in three years.

I am also sick of resurrections. Don't bother to kill people if it's only temporary.

"That's just what Jesus said, sir."

Captain Comics said:

I am also sick of resurrections. Don't bother to kill people if it's only temporary.

You'd think Christianity would collapse in the Marvel Universe for that reason. What's so special about Jesus that he came back from the dead? The X-Men call that "Tuesday."

I suppose it depends on how much you think the general public knows or believes about these "resurrections", and how widespread of a phenomenon "resurrection" is.

There you go making sense again. This is disturbing.

Of course, even in the Bible, Jesus wasn't the only one who resurrected from the dead (I'm thinking of Lazarus and the centurion's daughter). A Christian would probably say that Jesus was still the only one who died for our sins, and harrowed Hell, and so on.

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