I wanted to post a few thoughts on this one-shot book without sprinkling too many spoilers in other threads.  I don't think I'll have the energy to track this "event" the way I did with Secret Empire though. In any case:

Marvel Legacy #1

I can't really fault Marvel for wanting to do this. They are in a bit of a slump and it seems like a no-brainer to try and recapture some of what the older readers say they want.  At the same time it seems to me that what readers say they want or think they want doesn't always equate with what they are actually willing to buy or read. 

Most of the art here looks great and Jason Aaron does his usual solid job with the writing.  However, this reads a little bit like a hybrid of DC's Rebirth and Metal books. We start off by learning that there is a secret history of the Marvel U involving caveman era super heroes and celestials. How can this be? Anyone who follows Marvel continuity knows it's not possible. Stay tuned..

The rest of the issue mostly sets up scenarios by which various dead heroes are returning. They are, of course, the iconic older heroes that Marvel has largely been ignoring.  And we see what appears to be a new direction for Wakanda and a hint at a Fantastic Four reunion.  Again, how is this possible? What's the mechanism?

In a way, this story is a sort of sequel to the Secret Wars series. The continuity that was created by Reed Richards at the end of Secret Wars appears to have been manipulated once again. This time by Valeria Richards.  Why does she need prehistoric super heroes, Celestials and Infinity Stones to be a part of this? Not clear yet. Apparently she wants everything to be "ridiculous" and "magical."   It all sounds a bit too derivative of the stuff we saw in the Rebirth comic if you ask me.

I'm not sure what I'll actually buy yet. I'll probably mostly just stick with the stuff I already follow. But something like a new Marvel Two-In-One comic does ring the nostalgia bell a little bit.

What about tie-ins you ask?

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They're using Mjolnir because it's such a well known weapon, but Odin should have that sword that could destroy the universe instead. This invalidates the story where Surtur and the stone giant ran wild in the 60, because Thor had to use Odin's sword, saying it was a greater power which was needed to fight Surtur. When he fights him years later Thor is just a flea and can only annoy him long enough for Odin to show up. Sure, they destroyed that sword in Thor#300, but it would have existed way back then. And saying Odin is that old is pretty silly. Are they assuming this was an earlier life, that Odin has since then died and come back many times by killing Balder, Balder's brother, and Thor's kids? And how old is Odin? Who ran Earth before him, or is he really a few billion years old now?

It remains to be seen. But if Valeria Richards is rewriting reality stretching back to the beginning of time then they can really do anything they want. They just need to be consistent going forward. Although there's no reason to believe that they will.

"This invalidates the story where..."

Only if you accept it as canon (which I, most assuredly, do not).

  I've pretty much decided that if they bring him back I'm not going to read him.  At a certain point for me characters are just ruined.  Having Reed settle back into the head of the FF, good father and loving husband after everything he did strikes me as rewarding him for all he did and I don't agree with that.  How can he ever teach Franklin and Valeria the value of being good when he decided not to be good?

Captain Comics said:

I couldn't buy Reed doing the things he did in Civil War, even if he thought he was right. Tony Stark, maybe, because he's at heart an engineer, and ends might justify means, as long as you solve the problem. But Reed is a Boy Scout, and wouldn't do those things.

Then errrrybody was blowing up planets to save Earth in Time Runs Out, and I found that hard to believe as well. A prettier solution would have been to bring Dr. Doom in to the Illuminati -- "It's your planet, too, Victor" -- and then when the only solution anyone could fine was to blow up populated planets, our heroes would refuse, but Von Doom would go rogue and do it himself. The heroes would try to stop him (and fail), and then he'd believe himself to be the hero in his own mind and needle the heroes about it. ("I saved the world when none of you would lift a finger!") That would ring truer to me, characterization-wise, than what Hickman wrote. But that wouldn't get us to the end he wanted, would it?

So, yeah, they've dirtied Reed up a bit in an implausible fashion. (Needless to say, I think what they did to Cyclops is in the same vein -- improbable, unnecessary and a violation of prior characterization). If they bring the whole FF back, I hope when they come up with a new "kewl" way to screw up Reed, they graft it onto the already-evil Ultimate Reed.

Mythologically speaking, Odin ought to be wielding his spear Gungnir.

I'm betting there's a "Young Odin" series right around the corner.

Actually Gungnir was given to Odin during the same events that led to the creation of Mjolnir.

Captain Comics said:

Mythologically speaking, Odin ought to be wielding his spear Gungnir.

So if Mjolnir exists, then Gungnir must also exist -- and that's what Odin ought to be using.

I agree with you, Captain and Odin has used Gungnir in the comics (at least I think he did!).

Captain Comics said:

So if Mjolnir exists, then Gungnir must also exist -- and that's what Odin ought to be using.

But if Mjolnir exists then Thor should exist before they made it for him. And they did it to shut up Loki from bragging, so Loki has to be there, so they can sew his mouth shut to silence him. And they started it because he cut Sif's hair, so Sif has to be there.

From Thor #275 (S'78) in a story arc chocked filled with Norse mythology!

Yet somehow Balder got cured completely of  "what Hela hath claimed." Kind of like Odin and Hela and guys like that are playing weird elaborate games with their subjects. Who knows why that one time he decided to send Thor/Loki to Mephisto instead of to Hela.

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