Here's a promo/teaser compilation. Season 4 begins Sept. 20!

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Heck, I even felt sorry for Dr. Scottish Guy for a minute or two.

Anyone know what happened to Aida and Fitz there at the end of the last episode? Did they teleport? Wha-?

Yeah, it looks like they teleported. Didn't know she could do that! I guess we'll find out tonight.

So glad this show was renewed for a fifth season...and so excited to see the season finale tonight! tomorrow!

SHIELD is starting to give Once Upon a Time a run for its money when it comes to tugging at the heartstrings.  Jemma eavesdropping on Fitz and Aida, and her last scene with Fitz ... Oh man, get your hankies out. 

I don't have anything to say because this is all so good I can't find any way to improve it or comment on it. It's just good.

It occurred to me that Aida, who's become more interesting than just eye candy, doesn't know how to handle romantic rejection. She's an amoral infant in a woman's body.

Yes! That's exactly how my brain followed the story. And I'm impressed as heck that they took this pretty robot and turned her into a really vital -- and scary! -- character!

...Are there any other RT-ers where the show is being rerun on local station?
Is is running , on Tuesdays , here on KRON .

I think there's a station that's rerunning the second season; my Tivo picks up an episode now and then. But I don't know if it's a local station or a cable station at this point. 

Man, what a finale! I'm very happy with the results of the storyline -- AIDA is in the running for the best villain in the MCU -- especially if you discount the Kingpin and Purple Man from the Netflix shows. She's got more menace and complexity than most of the movie villains. 

I'll hold off speaking in spoilers for a little bit, but there were some expected developments, a few great swerves, and one thing -- okay, two things -- that still have me scratching my head. I'm looking forward to its return in 2018!

...KRON is broadcast . They run it once a week , Wed. 9:00 PM .
, a slot where they run X Files , one of the Law & Orders & others the other weeknights .
They run another episode or maybe the same one overnight after the repeat of the 11:00 news .
I would have called the station independent but they're a MyNetworkTV affiliate .
Loved the GR/Quake team-up!

"You know, Robot May was way more supportive."

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