Has anyone been watching the NBC show Midnight, Texas? It’s based on the book series of the same name by Charlaine Harris, author the series that became the HBO series True Blood. Being on network TV, the show is not as over-the-top as True Blood but is a very well done supernatural show.They are, from left to right, a were-tiger, a professional killer, a male human, a witch, her talking cat, a vampire, a medium who talks to and inhales ghosts, a fallen angel and a female human.

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I've never heard ot it but maybe Tracy has. She's read all of the Harris books the True Blood TV show is based on (multiple times) and we used to watch True Blood.

I just watched episode 8, which really was wonderfully crazy. Episode 9 was yesterday (9/13/17). The tenth and last episode of the first season is next week. It should be possible to catch up with it on demand or with the NBC or Hulu streaming services. I hope its ratings justify a second season. It deserves one.

Vertigo had a book with similar title but was a pun: Midnight, Mass. But I guess there aren't sufficient cowboys in Massachusetts. 

I haven't watched it, but given your enthusiasm, I'll see if the wife is up for it. Meanwhile, what's the ghostly presence between the human male and the witch in the picture above? It kinda looks like it's in more than one place at a time.

I've enjoyed it. The Lovely and Talented has been watching it with me, but admits that she thinks it showed more promise than it delivered. Still, she rarely even tries to watch a genre show with me, so the fact that she's watching at all counts in its favor.

As is often the case, the pilot and possibly the second episode didn't grab me immediately. After that it kept getting better.

I think the ghost images are representative of the many ghosts that show up when the medium (the lead character) calls to them.

The vampire, by the way, can remove mental pain, not just blood.

I've been enjoying the show so far, but for some reason, I find the medium less interesting than pretty much everything around him.  He's the main character, and the point of entry to the series, but somehow, despite liking his storyline, his powers, and especially his dead grandmother, I still find him lacking.

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