For a while now, I’ve been posting reactions to big “meaty” arcs such as The Eighth Doctor Adventures, Dark Eyes, Doom Coalition and The Collected War Doctor. Some of the stories I plan to listen to in the near future, though, are either one-off adventures or three story arcs. I thought it would be easier on the indexer (Hi, Bob!) if I started one “catch-all” thread and maintain the index in the initial post myself. I invite others to contribute to this discussion as well, and it doesn’t have to be strictly Doctor Who, either; anything from Big Finish will qualify. I’m going to start in a couple of days) with…

The Company of Friends - (Eighth Doctor)
  Benny's Story - p1
  Fitz's Story - p1
  Izzy's Story - p2
  Mary's Story - p2

Robophobia - (Seventh Doctor and Liv Chenka) - p2

The Transposition Trilogy
  The Defectors - (Seventh Doctor and Jo Grant) - p2
  Last of the Cyberman - (Sixth Doctor, Jamie and Zoe) - p2
  The Secret History - (Fifth Doctor, Stephen and Vicki) - p2

Trial of the Valeyard - (Sixth Doctor) - p3

The Wrong Doctors - (Sixth Doctor and Mel) - p3

The Masters Trilogy
  And You Will Obey Me - (Fifth Doctor and old Master) - p3
  Vampire of the Mind - (Sixth Doctor and new Master) - p3
  The Two Masters - (Seventh Doctor and both Masters) - p4

Doctor Who "Bonus Releases"
  Her Final Flight - (Sixth Doctor and Peri) - p4
  Cryptobiosis - (Sixth Doctor and Peri) - p4
  Return of the Daleks - (Seventh Doctor) - p5
  Return to the Web Planet - (Fifth Doctor and Nyssa) - p5

Doctor Who - Novel Adaptations
  Love & War
  Original Sin
  Cold Fusion

Sixth Doctor Reunited with Peri
  The Widow's Assassin - p4
  Masters of Earth
 The Rani Elite

Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley
  The Silver Turk - p5
  The Witch from the Well
  Army of Death

The Third Doctor Adventures
  Prisoners of the Lake - p5
  The Havoc of the Empires - p5

The Tenth Doctor Adventures (Vol. 2)
  Infamy of the Zaross - p6
  The Sword of the Chevalier - p6
  Cold Vengeance

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[Not that this has anything to do with what you said, but] RTD is a friend to Big Finish. I just finished listening to “Torchwood: Aliens Among Us” and I learned some things about RTD on the “extras” section. First of all, when the BBC decided to return DW to the air, they considered shutting down BF, but RTD talked them out of it. RTD often acts as consultant on BF properties of his creation. For example, it was not only RTD’s idea to bring Yvonne Hartman (leader of Torchwood 1 for the “Battle of canary Warf”) Back from the dead, but it was his idea how to do it. He also came to the studio for the recording of the last episode and, after asking if what he had planned was okay by Eve Miles (Gwen Cooper), he rewrote it on the spot.

Speaking of DW’s EU (which we were two weeks back), I found out last night (changing subjects), that the first set of Gallifrey: Time War does, in fact, take place before the first set of Eighth Doctor “Time War” stories (which I still have not listened to, BTW). BF has many DW EU series which don’t feature the Doctor, and they are generally cheaper. For example, the last time I checked, the nine-disc “Sarah Jane” was less than $5 a pop if bough as a bundle. That’s been a while ago, though, because I checked yesterday and those stories are no longer available on CD, but rather as downloads only.

On the topic of not checking on things in a while, “the last time I checked”… there was a 13-disc series of “Gallifrey” stories which ran for three seasons between 2004 and 2006.. If I would have checked more recently, though, I would have discovered series 4-8 released between 2011 and 2016. It is this series that “Gallifrey: Time War” continues from.

I have been really eager to listen to the Eighth Doctor “Time War” stories, and even though I found out the Gallifrey series occurs first (it is, in fact, when the Time Lords declare war on the Daleks), I still plan to listen to the Eighth doctor stories first (in the order the sets were released). Last night, though, I couldn’t resist and listened to the first episode of “Gallifrey: Time War” last night. As I suspected, it was a lot of political intrigue and I’m sure I would have found it infinitely more interesting had I listened to the eight series leading up to it (or at least the five most recent ones).

I will be listening to it again when I get to that point. For subsequent listens in days to come I will likely listen to them in the order in which they occur.

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