A behind the scenes sort of movie that I just spotted on BBC America. I hadn't heard about this but according to the skedual they are doing a lot of Doctor Who tomorrow with a new team up episode with the Matt Smith and David Tennent. Meanwhile the movie they are showing now is curious to watch. The actors they've gotten to play the main parts are really well cast.
I wonder if they'd do this sort of thing for Star Trek?

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Got to correct you here.

This is the 50th Anniversary Special, which will not only team Matt Smith and David Tennant... but also fill in a bit of history of the 8th Doctor who has never been seen other than in the diasterous 1980s movie.   You would recognise a major guest star who appears and enlistis their aide, but this will answer the question of why we don't see more of the 8th doctor and what came before the 9th doctor and the reboot of the New Who series in 2005!


Got to correct you. The 8th Doctor appears in the prequel webisode--NIGHT OF THE DOCTOR. The 50th anniversary special--DAY OF THE DOCTOR--features someone else (not giving spoilers).

The movie about the early days of DOCTOR WHO is AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME. I thought the actress playing Verity Lambert was great. The actor playing William Hartnell was okay--but nobody can play Hartnell like Hartnell can.

We didn't get to see much about William Russell, Carole Ann Ford or Jacqueline Hill. The actrress playing Hill looked like her--but I thought the hair and make-up department could have done a better job with Russell and Ford.

It was an interesting look behind the scenes, but as a story I thought it lacked a sense of purpose. A straight documentary could have done just as good a job of explaining the struggles of the early WHO production. But for fans it was wonderful to see all those key bits of scenery and costuming perfectly recreated in colour. For the diehard Who fans I'm sure this was almost too much loving detail for their small flesh forms to contain.

Are you talking about An Adventure in Space and Time? I really enjoyed it, and I would love to see a telemovie about Star Trek's early days (curious to see the take on Roddenberry...)

Yea, I thought it was great. The actor who played William Hartnell did a really good job, I loved the scene in the park with the kids. Reminded me of Tom Baker's line once about the Dr. "I was the one person to whom the rule "Don't talk to strangers" didn't apply when it came to children. The movie really was about him and Verity.

It actually goes into the fourth series.

It covers his entire run but none of the companions after Barbara, Ian and Suesan have any lines and you can see him become progressively more isolated. Re-watching it I really like that scene in the park with the kids.

Yes. It's a good one.

I really enjoyed this movie. It gives an idea of who is responsible for what aspect of the show's success. For example, the basic premise of the show was already in place before it was assigned to Verity Lambert, but she took the concept and ran with it. Also, whereas William Hartnell did not take to the role at firt (or the medium on television), the movie did a good job of showing how he warmed to it. A newbie to the Who-verse should be able to appriciate it for the story it tells, but there are also lots of Easter eggs for long-time fans. (It reminds me of the Johnny Depp movie Ed Wood in that respect.) Plus, the movie made me want to go back and watch "Cave of Skulls" and I didn't think anything would meke me want to do that!

If it's released on DVD, I will buy it.

It's already out there in the UK Jeff

Ah, good. With all the 50th anniversary fervor, I'm sure a U.S. release with be forthcoming.

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