Now I realize that I have several irons in the fire, so to speak with my Fan of Bronze and Silver Sightings threads, but I'm either 1) nostalgic or 2) depressed so I'll be commenting on these DC 100 Pagers that I loved as a youth and still love today! I'm sure that I have at least 90% of them and hopefully these will appeal to Golden, Silver and Bronze Age fans. I know that I'm talking about Justice League of America AGAIN but you must start at the beginning and this was my first one. Also, I have the real issue in front of me so it's very visceral to me.

Justice League of America #110 (Ap'74) was the Christmas 1973 issue and it was in my stocking! About the cover, it's a bit generic and Nick Cardy can't do much with it but I got a kick seeing all the heroes lined up around the stories. The inclusion of Doctor Mid-Nite in the lower left corner began my fascination with him and my belief that he was a major character.

Also of note is the "Here Comes TV's Super-Friends!" banner. The debut of Super-Friends on Saturday mornings was the most exciting thing in my young life at the time. It seemed to validate my admiration of these heroes. This was four years before Superman: The Movie so this was super-hero action to me!

Despite the popularity of Super-Friends, Wonder Woman still did not rejoin the League until #128. But Aquaman would get more appearances. Of course, Superman and Batman were always there!

The new story "The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus!" was by Len Wein, Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano and edited by, naturally, Julius Schwartz. Credit was given to "Green Lantern fan" Duffy Vohland. It starts, logically, with the murder of a Santa Claus volunteer and the gauntlet is thrown!

SPOILERS ..................SPOILERS...................SPOILERS.....................SPOILERS....................

Since it began with the Man of Steel and the Darknight Detective, it was fortunate the challenge was addressed to the team or we would have had a World's Finest story instead! They summon the JLA but since it's Christmas time, many of them are away (Flash is in the future, the Atom is sub-atomic, the Elongated man is, uh, on vacation, etc!) but responding are the Red Tornado "smoothly" ditching Kathy Sutton, interrupting Green Arrow as he prepares to "notch an arrow" with Black Canary and in comics' most famous "slipping on a bar of soap" scene, Green Lantern incapacitates himself so his power ring zaps him with a healing aura and shanghies substitute GL John Stewart to the JLA Satellite (of Love)!

Despite Stewart's urban setting and attire, he is accurately portrayed as an architect. Hal Jordan apparently never told the team that he had a back-up but Green Arrow vouches for him. But Ollie gets into an argument with the Red Tornado about what Christmas is and since he is no Linus Van Pelt, it got heated. But since there are lives at stake, Batman takes charge as usual and leads them to St. Louis!

Since they have to find a specific lock in the city, Reddy uses his super-speed to find it using the GL-zapped key! This is because the Flash was not there but Superman and Green Lantern could have easily done the same thing! Luckily they find the correct building after meeting some poor children. Ironically it's GREEN ARROW who enforces the Guardians' rules with the tyro John Stewart. You would think that there would be a manual or something!

End Part 1---More to follow!

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Thanks Robin, I just reread Batman #255 and was shocked at how poorly it printed!! Did I forget how cheap the paper was or am I just used to today's technology? I may have to get more TPBs!

As for #258's reprints:

  • "The Three Racketeers" from Detective Comics #61 (Ma'42). A trio of vignettes involving a criminal radio station S-W-A-G, a laziness drug blackmail scheme ("The Batman--Too Lazy To Fight Crime!") and stolen tanks in Gotham! Amazing moment--one of them actually sees Robin without his mask!! And no one cares!
  • "7 Wonder Crimes of Gotham City!" from Detective #368 (O'67). A series of crimes based on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Blinding House. Homemade snow googles. Batman reads the crooks their Miranda rights! The Bat-Colossus. Bat jump-roping (seriously!) A talking diamond. And a criminal mastermind who shall and has remained nameless!
  • "Twenty Ton Robbery" from Batman #26 (Ja'45). It features the Cavalier and I wrote about it here. Still sad that no one considers him a major Golden Age Bat-foe!
  • "The Guardian of 100 Cities!" from Batman #95 (O'55). Batman in Hollywood! Chasing crooks through various movie lots. A bitter guard/former movie star.
  • "The Man With a Thousand Eyes!" from World's Finest #43 (Ja'50). Count Florian and his School For Spies! Third-Eye stickers. Window Washing messages. Comb-codes. Batman undercover and poisoned!

A wonderful comic alltogether that fueled my love of the Golden Age!

I just discovered this thread. There is a free program for Windows called Comicrack, which I have used successfully. It is able to read CBR and CBZ files, though I think I've only used it for CBR. Here is the free download:

Lee Houston, Junior said:

Whoever created that site apparently made all the comics downloadable! :-D

But my computer can't read .cbz files. :-(

If anyone does attempt downloading though, the files did pass both Microsoft Security Essentials and Malware Bytes anti-virus scans.

In addition to the wrap-around cover posted by the Commander, I found the following wrap-arounds on the fan-created site   :

Adventure Comics #416 was the last super hero 100 Pager that I tracked down. I really wanted to see that "Villainy Incorporated" story AND Black Canary's debut! That was why I loved those Golden Age reprints!

Superman #245 had one of the greatest Silver Age Superman stories in it. Plus Golden Agers Kid Eternity and Air Wave.

But most of all it had SUPER CHIEF! I was amazed! I was in awe! It takes a rare man to battle evil with a buffalo's head over his own!

Batman #238! What a lineup! The Caped Crusaders battle the Academy of Crime and Mister Roulette, respectively. The first appearance of the Doom Patrol. The Legion of Super Heroes battle The Legion of Super-Outlaws AKA the Heroes of Lallor. A Ramona Fradon Aquaman tale. Golden Age adventures of Plastic Man, Sargon the Sorcerer and a never before published Atom story!

Superman #252, IIRC, had the complete Superman Vs Luthor Powerstone epic!

BTW, were these covers the first to feature any Fourth World characters away from Kirby?

And that had to be the only Liberty Belle sighting between her last GA story and All Star Squadron #1!

But now you made me want to do another  100 Pager review again!


You never forget your first. If I had got that World's Greatest Super-Heroes Super-Spec when it first came out, it would no doubt loom larger in my memory. I only got a copy of it years later. And at the time I wasn't into horror or romance, so I missed those ones, too. That made SUPERMAN 245 (DC-7) my first Super-Spec and one of my most beloved. A great selection of stories, mixing Silver Age and Golden Age. All stories I had never read before.

Next was BATMAN 238 (DC-8) which is almost as beloved as DC-7. Again all stories I had never read and some I didin't know much about like the Doom Patrol or Plastic Man. The LSH were starting to make a come-back, so it was good to have a reprint of one of their classic adventures.

I wasn't into war comics either at that time, so I didn't bother with that.

ADVENTURE COMICS 416 (DC-10) got past me. Another comic I didn't find until years later. Same goes for FLASH 214 (DC-11) and SUPERBOY 185 (DC-12). Which means that SUPERMAN 252 (DC-13) was my third and comes just behind DC-7 and DC-8 in my order of preference.

I liked most of the others that followed after that. SHAZAM! 8 stands out for me, because it was like taking a trip back into the Golden Age. I felt so lucky to be able to read those stories.

The SHAZAM 100 Pagers were amazing and the reprints were far superior than the new stories. Obviously DC didn't "get" the Big Red Cheese!

They should be required reading!

As I've said before, I love the 100 pagers and cherish the few I have while continuing to search for the ones I don't.

However, as a personal aside to Richard Willis, while I appreciate the news about and tried to download the ComicRack program, Microsoft Security Essentials prevented the application on the grounds of finding adware (malware?) within the download.

Not blaming you sir. Just thought anyone else interested in the program should be aware of the situation.

Add me to the list of those that loved the 100 pagers.  These were coming out right when I started reading comics and I received many as gifts including my all-time favorite (as some may have guessed)...

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