I am going to attempt to connect certain events from the worlds of various comics, movies, TV shows and pop culture into a hopefully logical narrative much like my Gorilla City thread. Each entry may not connect with the previous one.

Of course, comments, additions and suppositions are always welcome!

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I remember him but wait until you see who I picked as a Daughter of Hercules!

The Baron said:

It's outside of your timeframe, but Argo the Almighty from the A-Next book was another son of Hercules.


After a tumultuous meeting, all seemed calmed as Iron Man and Captain America had left to see to their own affairs. Thor remained and spoke to Hercules about his latest battles and it was if everything was forgotten. Suddenly Jan returned from our microfilm room and went straight to our Olympian guest.

"Hercules, I was looking up your name after that eight years ago remark and I can't believe it!"

"Believe what, sweet fairy?"

"There was a Hercules in 1960 in METROPOLIS!"

"Oh, that."

"But it couldn't be you! There were pictures! That Hercules had red-hair!"

"Why look the same all the time!"

"That was you? But the article said that you were teleported from the past!"

"Ha! There was this very bitter, petty-minded 'genius' who hoped to use me to destroy his nemesis but fortunately I was informed of his plot by a 5th dimensional imp that I am on good terms with. It was too good to pass up on so I appeared when 'summoned' and quickly dealt with the knave."

"But it said that you tried to make off with that reporter that SUPERMAN was involved with!"

"Aye, he's done that before!"

"Peace, Thunder God! You know that I am a creature of passion and whim!"

"But Hercules! You're written as the bad guy! You tried to put Superman to sleep for a thousand years!"

"He irked me! But mayhaps I did go too far. Ah, well. Live and learn."

"That's all you got to say about it!"

"Nay, Good Giant, I was severely chastised by both my father and brethren. I fear that I lost a great deal of their trust! Still I sometimes show up as "that" Hercules to bedevil this Man of Steel. He hath no sense of mirth! Though, truth be told, as much as I love a good brawl, I would not make it a habit with that one! How my head pounded afterwards!"

You gonna work in the Hercules Unbound stuff?  "Zounds! Verily did the son of Zeus have the weirdest dream last night! It seems that even the Prince of Power should not eat a Mega-Spicy Taco just before retiring for the evening!"

"I do not like where this is going! Odin is your sire, not mine. I do not have to heed his commands!"

"Perhaps not but surely thou knows this symbol near the All-Father's!"

"By Saturn's blood....it is Zeus! Mine own father doth conspire against me!"

Zeus doesn't have a lot of room to talk. If he wasn't having fun with Earth women Hercules wouldn't exist.

Or Apollo. Or Artemis. Or Perseus. Or Dionysus. Or...


While on vacation in Los Angeles, Jan and I met up with Hercules and the BLACK WIDOW who were a couple by this point. They were part of the CHAMPIONS and an odd pairing, to say the least. We all were at a double-bill "thrill show" at the Coliseum where their team-mate, the GHOST RIDER was performing his amazing stunts, then we were all in awe of the other act, the escape artist, MISTER MIRACLE. Both seemed, for lack of a better word, otherworldly! 

Jan and Natasha went off to find another couple, WARREN WORTHINGTON III and CANDY SOTHERN, leaving Herc and I alone. Actually I think that the Widow was still holding a grudge against me for opposing her membership the first time she wanted to join. 

Anyway, Hercules asked me how I liked Mister Miracle's escapes. 

"Unbelievable! And I was watching for switches, doubles and distractions! I can't figure out how he did all that!

"Pray tell, did you notice the woman beside him?"

"Of course, his wife, she was beautiful. And tall. And strong. And...and...oh no!"

"Oh, yes!! BARDA FREE is mine daughter, though she knows it not!"

"Hercules, the accord..."

"Does not count here. First she was born before it and second, she is not from Earth!"

"Not from Earth but then where?"

"A grim realm of war and oppression. Where they need heroes badly. And hope. I met her mother there as she tried to liberate her people. I tried to help but was forbidden to stay. Later I learned of her death and the birth of our daughter, her cruel upbringing and how this Scott Free rescued her and brought her to Earth."

"Then shouldn't we do something?"

"We cannot. Not now. But do not worry. Where there is darkness, there must also be light. There are forces in place to combat that vile world. Sadly, it is a stalemate but the balance is maintained. Not even the much-vaunted Man of Steel can affect that. We cannot affect it, save to make things worse. But that may change!"

"But Barda? Will you tell her who you are?"
"I may. Her husband has, what do you call it...ah yes, "daddy issues" and she would not trust me nor should she. But there is time for that later."

An interesitng idea.

Thank you! I'm trying to come up with a way to included Hercules Unbound that involves actual Greek mythology!

The Baron said:

An interesitng idea.

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