I am going to attempt to connect certain events from the worlds of various comics, movies, TV shows and pop culture into a hopefully logical narrative much like my Gorilla City thread. Each entry may not connect with the previous one.

Of course, comments, additions and suppositions are always welcome!

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The Boy Who's Coming! Part 3

As we approached our quarry, we passed a group of golden statuettes in a small alcove. Mrs. Peel stopped in front of it. 

"How strange. Do either of you know what this is?"

"I do," said John, "It's a replica of a much larger display called "The Fountain of Magical Brethren". That's a wizard, a witch, a centaur, a goblin and a house-elf. Supposed to represent unity between the different races but don't you believe it. There's some real problems with this culture, both deep down and at its surface."

"Such bizarre creatures. How did this start?"

"I was wondering the same thing. I know about some secret magical realms but this? Do you know where these people came from?"

"Only their own legends plus what other sorcerers theorize."

"Oh, tell us, John. Please"

"There's no time. It's too convoluted and it's a lot of conjecture."

"Might not get another chance."

"Fine. Here's the short short version. And don't interrupt. I can't explain everything. The Age of Man came after a great war when an object of tremendous evil was destroyed. One of the results of that was that the other races of the world, the Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, Trolls and the like were dwindling. Some left this world. Others perished while a hardier few continued to live in the quieter places, sometimes with those they once fought against. Generations later, after Man's Noblest King and his kin were gone, there was another war but this time between "gods" and "demons" who wanted the knowledge the Non-Humans had."


"Not the ones you know, Knight. These were beings of great power in a terrible conflict with twisted versions of themselves. Some say it was Olympia and Lemuria or New Genesis and Apokolips, even "Heaven" and "Hell" but whoever was after them, they needed to be protected so they went to a city of men. But they wanted their power, too in exchange for their protection. Even after centuries, men remembered how they were made to feel lesser than the others. Now they wanted to be superior. The other races refused and went to the Last of the Elders, a being who was said to be there before any of the races began. He listened and decided to teach men some of his magic, his songs and verses so that all would be equal. And learned they did but they could not control their new power so the Eldest crafted wands of different woods infused with relics from mystical creatures, connecting them with the natural world. This allowed them to focus and hone their new abilities. That made this small group of men able to defend the others."

"And did they?"

"At first, yes until the threat was over or at least a stalemate was achieved. But they soon comprised spells that undermined the other races, diminishing their magic, altering their appearances and they tried to enslave them. And it worked, partly. The once-mighty Elves were twisted into these subservient House-Elves. A few escaped but were turned into centaurs. The Dwarves and Orcs became Goblins but kept their minds which resulted in a few rebellions. Trolls, Giants, Mere-People all came from this with these people calling themselves Wizards and Witches, on top of their self-created hierarchy. When the Eldest saw what he had inadvertently caused, his grief was overwhelming and he faded from memory in shame."

"How terrible."

"Yeah, they were right bloody tyrants though you won't find that in their history books. It would have gotten worse, too if Merlin hadn't come and set them right. Created a government of sorts. Told the Wizards to stay in seclusion or they would be destroyed by "normal" men who vastly outnumbered them. Laid the foundation for this entire culture. It was his greatest success and his greatest failure. Didn't fix the problems or right the wrongs. Just covered them up with rules and traditions. In a big way, that's why we're here! Well, let's get this over with!"

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