By Andrew A. Smith

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Sept. 4, 2020 — The New Mutants, the final, no-kidding X-Men movie by Twentieth Century Fox, finally made it to the theaters after three years of delays. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

That trip really began back in 1982, when Marvel Comics launched its third major X-Men team. Which means, I guess, I have to tell you about the first two. They’re pretty famous, after all.

The first team was the original X-Men, the superheroes who launched the franchise in 1963: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel  Girl and Professor X. Joining in the late ‘60s were Cyclops’ brother Havok and his girlfriend (and Magneto’s daughter) Polaris. They didn’t set the world on fire — the series went reprint in 1970 — but they got the mutant ball rolling.

Marvel revived the concept in 1975, with the “all-new, all-different” (and all-international) X-Men: Banshee (Irish), Colossus (Russian), Cyclops (token American), Nightcrawler (German), Storm (Kenyan), Sunfire (Japanese), Warbird (Native American) and Wolverine (Canadian). This group made Uncanny X-Men the best-selling title of the late 1970s and early ‘80s … which meant an expansion of the franchise was inevitable.

For this new venture, dubbed The New Mutants, Marvel went back to the original well. “We felt that the series needed a school, and The X-Men were too old for that,” writer Chris Claremont said in Les Daniels’ history of Marvel. “So we got Xavier some students and it’s evolved from there.” They even adopted the old blue-and-gold “school uniforms” for the new kids’ training sessions.

Due to a scheduling snarl the first New Mutants story launched in graphic novel form in 1982, a 47-pager by Claremont and artist Bob McLeod. That was followed by New Mutants #1 in 1983, by the same creators, starring the same group:


  • Cannonball: Sam Guthrie, a teen from the backwoods of Kentucky, can blast around like a … well, a cannonball. He’s invulnerable to all harm while “blasting.”
  • Karma: Xi’an Coy Mahn, a Vietnamese refugee, can seize control of the minds of others.
  • Psyche: Danielle Moonstar, a Cheyenne, could project illusions of another person’s greatest fear. Well, at first. Somebody eventually figured out this was a lame super-power, and she changed her name to Mirage and developed a number of  psionic, energy and magical powers.
  • Sunspot: Roberta da Costa, a fabulously wealthy Afro- Brazilian, can convert sunlight into super-strength. He’s called Sunspot because of the visual effect of his power, where he turns completely black with little bubbles of black energy sloughing off.
  • Wolfsbane: Rahne (pronounced “Rain”) Sinclair, an extremely devout Scottish lass, can change (much to her embarrassment) into a wolf. She also has an intermediate, werewolf form where she can still communicate.


New Mutants being an X-Men book, it didn’t take long for things to get weird. But it got super-weird when an artist named Bill Sienkiewicz (sin-KEV-itch) took on the art chores. An experimental and often abstract artist, Sienkiewicz combined photorealism, collage, painting and other techniques that exploded off the page. And he arrived just in time, in “New Mutants”#18, the first issue of what would be dubbed “The Demon Bear Saga.”

The New Mutants: Demon Bear contains the three stories involving the Demon Bear, including the first one, on which The New Mutants movie is based. (Cover art by Bill Sienkiewicz, copyright Marvel Comics)

Which is kinda grandiose for a story that lasted all of three issues. But they were three very good issues, that became famous as much for imagination and execution as for, well, a bunch of teenage mutant superheroes fighting a bear.

It should be noted that at this point the New Mutants roster had changed a bit. Karma was out, and these guys were in:


  • Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla) is a mutant who can project heat and lava, from a lost Roman colony in the Amazon (someone was an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan, evidently).
  • Magik (Illyana Rasputin) is the sister of Colossus, and can teleport via the land of Limbo, from which she also draws magical powers and a fearsome “Soulsword.”


Not that any of that mattered to The Bear, you see, because it isn’t physical. It had been haunting Moonstar’s dreams, before manifesting as a spirit form that mauled her physically and psychically. The other New Mutants took Moonstar to a hospital, where all of them were trapped by The Bear. The story became more claustrophobic, the Bear bigger, the stakes higher … wait, is this beginning to sound familiar?

Yep, the New Mutants movie takes place in a haunted hospital. Yep, the Demon Bear Saga is the basis for the movie. And yep, the characters are very familiar. “New Mutants,” the movie, features:

  • Cannonball: Charlie Heaton, who is Jonathan Byers on Stranger Things, portrays Sam Guthrie.
  • Magik: Anya Taylor-Joy, who starred in The Witch, is Illyana Rasputin.
  • Mirage: Blu Hunt, whose name already sounds like a cool code name, plays Danielle Moonstar.
  • Sunspot: Henry Zaga, a.k.a. Henrique Chagas Moniz de Aragão Gonzaga, who is actually Brazilian, is Roberto da Costa.
  • Wolfsbane: Maisie Williams, famous  as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, gives us Rahne Sinclair.


(If you’re wondering about Dr. Cecilia Reyes, played by Alice Braga, she’s lifted from another corner of the X-universe entirely. Apparently this was done just for name recognition, since the on-screen character is completely different from the print version.)

These teenage characters have been the core of most iterations of the New Mutants, and often of a team named X-Force as well. If you’re a comics fan, you’re  thoroughly familiar with each of them, their back story and story beats.

Which is the only easy thing about New Mutants. Just getting it to the screen was a chore.

The film was greenlit around 2014, with director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) attached. By 2017 it was finished, with an announced release date of April 13, 2018.

Oh, if only.

In early 2018, the movie was pushed to Feb. 22, 2019. According to CinemaBlend, this was for two reasons: One, to have extensive reshoots to emphasize horror elements (IT had done well) and to give it some breathing room from Deadpool 2, scheduled for summer 2018.

Which happened again, when X-Men: Dark Phoenix got too close. New Mutants got bumped to Aug. 2, 2019.

The New Mutants stars (from left) Maisie Williams, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, Charlie Heaton and Anya Taylor-Joy. (© 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

But now discussions were serious about Disney buying Fox, which threw in another monkey wrench. The reshoots weren’t finished, and word was Disney wasn’t impressed. So an all-new, all-different date was set: April 3, 2020.

Which was right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic! Who could have known? New Mutants got bumped again, to Aug. 28, and by this time almost no one took the date seriously. The director joked that he expected a meteor to hit in August and delay the movie again.

But it happened. New Mutants premiered at whatever theaters were open on Aug. 28 (2,412 of them, according to The Hollywood Reporter) for a $7 million opening weekend. Which impresses nobody. And the reviews are … well, “mixed” is probably the right word.

What is a sad finish to the New Mutants saga. It had a great premise (a teen-horror superhero movie)! A great inspiration (the legendary “Demon Bear Saga”)! A hot, young, star-studded cast (Williams, Heaton,Taylor-Joy)! A groundbreaking romance (no, I won’t spoil it)!

And a probable future. According to, Boone had plans for including Colossus (he is Illyana’s brother, after all) and a certain introductory scene made famous in the first appearance of the “all-new, all-different” X-Men.

And according to ScreenRant, Boone had planned a New Mutants trilogy. The second would take place in Brazil during an alien invasion, and include X-Men staples like a character named Warlock and the Hellfire Club. (And if they’re in Brazil, why not introduce Magma?) For the third movie, Boone planned to adapt a famous X-Men story titled “Inferno,” in which demons invade the Earth and Illyana is transformed into a demon form called Darkchylde.

But alas. Unless New Mutants shows some unexpected legs, we’ll have to wait for these characters to be introduced in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, get developed and spin off into their own films. By then, the stars of “New Mutants” will probably have teenagers of their own.

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...They have just 9 screens, so 12 would have to go into 9 more than 1 time!!!!!!!
That local theater is a Regal, and it is now looking like the lack of " likely blockbusters " will lead to Regal's owners closing the entire chain (and another U.K./Ireland theater chain tje also own) for the immediate future! A reclosing.
...I put up an addition relating to this last weekend's grosses, but it didn't go up!

Regal is officially shutting down all U.S. and U.K. theaters, per today's news.

I noted previously that MGM moved the release date of the next James Bond movie from Easter weekend to Thanksgiving weekend, and even that might have been too early. Last week, they moved it to next Easter weekend ... and because of that, Regal closed all of its U.S. and U.K. theaters, as noted above.

...Last weekend, Tenet remained at #1 - Of the extremely diminished pile! - and New
Mutants waa pushed down to #3 by the first of three reissues in the Top Ten! - It was HOCUS POCUS, myself possibly never even having to have heard of this 1993 film till highly recently. The Empire Strikes Back waa another - and I only read of a BEETLEJUICE relish when I read of that Top 10! It didn't play here, Hocus Pocus didn't either. New Mutants I guess could be said to have had the luck of being the " other " wide theatrical release along with Tenet, " to bring back theaters ". NM would appear to have made an amount out of theatrical that few films in this current circumstance do!

...The whole situation of Tenet having underperformed against Warner's expectations and other would-be " tentpoles " being delayed yet AHAIN, including Wonder Woman and James Bond - and I saw speculation about Warner's possibly having Wondy '84 go directly to streaming after all - and the Regal/Cineworld close down - has led to a bunch of Monday morning quarterback " Has Tenet killed cinema? " writings!

I read a Vulture article (I can't link - Generally, that's always the case:-() saying that New Mutants is about to come out on DVD, with no streaming mentioned for now. It mentioned that the X-Men series has been a reliable DVD seller, and this DVD will have plenty of deleted scenes - Perhaps reflecting the earlier, " less horror " direction? It was mentioned that a fair number movies do not come out on physical DVD now.

  I read something that the NM movie was set in the Nineties - There wasn't a direct spelling out of that that I saw - Since they were shut away in the institution situation and few other characters beyond the NMs and the doctor (Where did her name come from?) there were no old cars, I guess not much vintage clothes or cars - How would you dress in a " Nineties " style? Did hip-hoppers of the Nineties dress much differently from now? A kind of " grunge " look might, I suppose, be deemed as " looking Nineties ". At one point, the NMs are being rowdy teenagers to a piece of rock music I thought might be Nirvana - Shame on me, it was The Replacements! Oh dear, that I should mistake that...In the hospital's rec room we see a not very flashy TV set - Nineties? Eighties? A locked institution/boarding school might not have the latest TV set. We do see cell phones some - The Brazilian character has one, he's supposed to be rich but was it too modern a model for the Nineties? I never read the earlier Mms at all, I guess, the ghost bear was entirely new to me. " Bijou " was the archaic slang term for a local movie theater that I couldn't remember, there used to be a PBS movie series called " An Evening At The Bijou " or similar.

  Bob McLeod is POd that the New Mutants movie misspelled his name " Macleod! And they got Bill S.'s right, too. As Bill was quoted, three year's delay and you'd think they could correct it!

...Bob, on Facebook, especially expressed dislike regarding Roberto (the Brazilian) becoming taller & whiter - and it apparently made Variety!

  Along with Tenet, NM was kind of the guinea pig for " big-time movies are back! " and it might have built up some familiarity for when the DVD hits the shelves - Would it have run this prominently this long had if come out in a " normal " theatrical marketplace? Although it would have sold more tickets in such a circumstance.

  I say " DVD " to refer to any form of DVDs - Advertisements for DVD releases nowadays emphasize Blk-Ray and digital downloads and think there's one more " more upscale than a regular DVD " format that I can't remember the name of - Advertising and promotional copy relating to DVD releases now tend to say " On Blk-Ray April 3d " etc. seeming to not even mention the " regular " DVD format - for instance in the ads in DC comics for their animated films, you might think they're not on the humbled format. Maybe " biz " writers tend to think that way, " Everyone's got a Blu-Ray, dahling! ",and, of course, promotionally minded persons play up the more expensive format.

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...The whole situation of Tenet having underperformed against Warner's expectations and other would-be " tentpoles " being delayed yet AHAIN, including Wonder Woman and James Bond - and I saw speculation about Warner's possibly having Wondy '84 go directly to streaming after all - and the Regal/Cineworld close down - has led to a bunch of Monday morning quarterback " Has Tenet killed cinema? " writings!

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins says Warner Bros. is not planning to release it via streaming. She also is afraid about what the theater closings will mean long term. See here: "Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Fears Theater Shutdown May Kill the Industry"

San Francisco has allowed movie theaters to re-open - but not allowing concession sales! Theaters there are saying they can't make a profit sans popcorn, etc. sales - especially since their ticket capacity is also ultra-down, I can see their point!

My friendly neighborhood movie theater:

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