Apparently Marvel has a bit of a problem with its two new titles, New Warriors and Children of the Atom where all the buzz appears to be mostly negative. This always amuses me because if you don't like a book, just don't buy it but nowadays everything has to be skewered over the internet fires before they even come out.

Now I wasn't planning on getting either book as Marvel does enjoy creating numerous new characters connected to their other more successful franchises as in the just-as-new Strange Academy. Now we get another ten or twelve neophyte heroes with bad code-names as the good ones are all taken. Snowflake? B Negative? Safespace? People are really upset by these New Warriors but are they worth the angst? Even if the books ever come out now, most likely they won't last that long. 

Have you guys heard the uproar? And what's your take?


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I get what you're saying. If seems like DC busted up Apollo and The Midnighter as soon as they were integrated into the DCU proper. 

Philip Portelli said:

Remember the new Alan Scott? He was gay, a big deal was made about it and the first thing they do is kill off his partner!

To add to the video, this blog by Scott Slemmons is representative of what I have been hearing.

The Baron said:

Oh, my God, remember  Extraño?

Philip Portelli said:

From what I can tell, the creators are fairly young but if they are trying to woo the LBGT community, will they sell that many comics? 

Just imagine had they done this in the 80s with characters named Powder Puff, Drag Queen and the like! Insensitive names are still insensitive to some no matter what the context or intention is.

Reaction has been bad but Marvel is turning this back on their readers by calling them sexist, racist, homophobes and body-shamers. Thus if you don't support these books, there's something wrong with you!

Randy Jackson said:

I'm not following new comics anymore, but I have heard about this controversy. I have two theories about this:

* Marvel is doing this intentionally to drive publicity.

* It's a classic example of 40-something creators attempting to write younger characters without any idea of what they're really like, a la Bob Haney on Teen Titans.

More than likely it's a but of both.

Here's a take on the situation:

I suddenly find myself remembering Danny Chase of the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans.  The reception was not great, but there was hardly any great controversy on whether he should be accepted.

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