November Vol. 2: The Gun In The Puddle
Matt Fraction, writer; Elsa Charratier, artist; Matt Hollingsworth, colorist; Kurt Ankeny, letterer
Image Comics, 2020

This installment opens and closes with scenes from new character Emma-Rose's childhood. She dreams of freedom (symbolized by kite flying), which is ironic, since she is a bound captive in a car trunk as the present story begins. Police dispatcher Kowalski can't let go of anomalies she sees in the dispatch record. Beginning to put things together, she calls a crooked cop named Ward and says she wants in. Meanwhile, another crooked detective named Mann is on the run from the two uniformed police officers who had Emma-Rose in their trunk. A criminal conspiracy appears to be falling apart. Emma-Rose was deposited in the warehouse where Dee was already held captive. The flashback to Dee's final minutes of freedom tie this story together with the first volume. As she is taken captive her gun falls off the building's roof and into a puddle down on the street--and here we are. A rich, complicated crime noir, which is at its midpoint (there will be four total volumes, not the three that I first thought). Looking forward to more secrets, and answers.


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I really loved the first volume of this series. I need to get this one soon!

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