A ‘Giant-Size’ beginning, 41 regular issues ,one Annual, from the 1970s, a follow up 4-issue mini-series and some significant tales in Captain America and Namor before a mini revival in the new millennium…!


We will be starting in June 1975 – with Giant-Size Invaders #1 , a 30 page special written by Roy Thomas with art in the individual style of Frank Robbins and inked by Vince Colletta.

World War Two heroes Captain America and Bucky, the android Human Torch and partner Toro and Namor the Sub-Mariner find themselves thrown together against the Nazi villainy of Master Man and no less a figure than Winston Churchill helps form the …Invaders!


I’d love to know what memories anyone has of this series before I summarise it issue by issue….anyone up for it? (I’ll wait a bit for people to locate their issues if you’d like…)


(First question I’ll throw out there – anyone else notice the mistake on the cover of Invaders classic tpk #1)

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Richard ...this issue you quote is the very next issue I'll be covering in this thread.

One of the few War-time tales left before we move on into 'current' Marvel continuity...and one of the few 'What If?s to become accepted 'history'.

Richard Willis said:

I recently remembered how much I enjoyed the What If? series and bought the first three trade paperback collections (still waiting for volume 2). I discovered that volume 1 contains the reprint of What If? #4 (AUG77), "What If the Invaders Had Stayed Together after World War II?". Does anyone else have access to this story?

Luke, that issue is on my list of 'significant Invaders appearances' and I will be covering that one pretty soon too.....after the Patriot stuff....
Luke Blanchard said:

              (1) Thomas had earlier written Sub-Mariner #14 (spoiler warning), in which Toro turned up brainwashed by the Mad Thinker into thinking he was the original Torch. After recovering his memory he sacrificed his life to avenge the Torch's death at the Thinker's behest in Fantastic Four Annual #4.

In that case, you should do Fantastic Four Annual #4 too! You might be able to tell me how Reed knew to apply the asbestos lotion before Lockjaw took them to the Torches. Also, how the Torches manage to conduct a fire battle underground without using up all the oxygen.

My immediate list goes a bit like....

What If? 4

All-Winners 70th Anniversary Special

Patriot #1-4

then 'modern' age...  (I really think Avengers 4 and FF 4 don't need covering...do they...?)

FF Ann 4

Sub-Mariner 14

before we hike up to Captain America #253-254 and many more......

Luke Blanchard said:

In that case, you should do Fantastic Four Annual #4 too! You might be able to tell me how Reed knew to apply the asbestos lotion before Lockjaw took them to the Torches. Also, how the Torches manage to conduct a fire battle underground without using up all the oxygen.

So is everybody going to be reading Marvel's modern-day update on the Invaders? Written by James Robinson! Let's hope he can bring some of his Justice Society mentality over to Marvel.

I am a wait for the trade guy these days but I'll be waiting in line. It all looks good from what I've seen so far - except an inexplicable disliking for Toro who is NOT in the team!?
After being resurrected and an adult these days I'd have liked to see him interact with the Winter Soldier etc AND a proper investigation into his link with the Torch etc.
Having said that Robinson seems to have a setup and plot sorted and the commitment so here's hoping!

Does anybody remember a Sub-Mariner story where he fights what he thinks is the original Human Torch somehow rejuvenated, but it turns out to be Toro? I want to say it was Sub-Mariner #14 (Jun 69), but maybe not -- it's been years since I read it. Anyway, in that story, it turns out the Torch Namor fights -- and who dies as a result of the fight -- isn't the Human Torch, but Toro, hypnotized by a super-villain (The Mad Thinker? Quasimodo?) to think he's the Torch. And, at the end of the story, we meet Toro's (middle-aged) wife!

Now, if this story isn't a fever dream, then that means Toro had plenty of time to sire offspring.

On the other hand, I've gotten very confused about whether either the Torch or Toro are alive right now, or how they got from WWII to here, and how many times each has died and been resurrected. Ol' granny's gettin' tired, and can't remember what-all you young-uns are up to.

Captain. That is indeed Subby #14. Toro was dead after being married through 'real time'. The wife turned up alot and with the resurrected Human Torch before marrying again. Grown up Toro leaves her to her new fella after his own resurrection in the Torch series.
Which leaves him REALLY available for the All-New Invaders gig!

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's lost track of the many deaths & returns of the original Torch, Toro & Prof. Horton--talk about your "revolving door of death"!  And in Toro's case, I don't think he ever died again between the appearances of the middle-aged "Raymond" from Power Pack who was strongly hinted to be Toro and the current adult Toro who was wished back to life by Bucky/Winter Soldier.  I wonder if that means there are actually two Toro's running around now--one the age he should be, and one "standard super-hero" age?

I am not familiar with this possible Toro from Power Pack....but as an OCD collector I have to ask... Which issues intoduce the character and are they in trade form? (Power pack classics?? Is that a contradiction in terms?)

Yeah, I'm not remembering Raymond either, at least not from Power Pack.

I don't have access to my back issues at the moment, but "Mr. Raymond" appeared toward the end of the original Power Pack run, say from the mid-50s to early 60s.  While it was heavily implied that he was actually Toro (Franklin Richards mentioned that for some reason, Raymond reminded him of his Uncle Johnny), it was never actually stated.  Still, it seems like a fun idea to explore--a hero uses his supposed death (at the hands of the Mad Thinker) to retire to a nice, normal life, only to have a previously dead friend (Bucky) use the Cosmic Cube to wish a younger version of  himself "back to life", resulting in two of him.

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