I thought this might be a nice companion thread to "On the chopping block," where we can talk about currently running books that we're thinking of picking up in the middle of their run.

The one that comes to mind for me is Firestorm. Dan Jurgens is taking over with issue 13, and he purportedly is treating it like a first issue. Most of the "international firestorms" storyline is over with -- don't ask me how -- and it's apparently going back to being Ronnie and Jason in high school together, teaming up to be Firestorm. Which is what I wanted to read in the first place, so it's probably a good time to give it a chance.

So, any books you're thinking of hopping on to?

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I'm like Chris when it comes to Invincible, I drop and add it every once in a while. I came back a few months back, and it has been great.

Rob, Near Death ended at a point were it could end there forever. Faerber said he hopes to come back to it at a later time. Maybe do it as a series of mini-series.

That's the plan.  (evil laugh, evil laugh)

Wandering Sensei said:

Doggone it, Chris, you're going to pull me onto the bandwagon for Gambit now.

Chris Fluit said:

Gambit is a straight crime-noir series.  He's still a good guy but he's dropped the superhero trappings...

Travis beat me to it.  Faerber gave Near Death a satisfying ending that could also serve as a setup for a new status quo, kind of like a TV cliffhanger. 

Rob Staeger said:

 (Sorry to hear Near Death was cancelled, too -- I heard an interview with Faerber about it last year, and it sounded interesting... but I've never actually seen an issue of it. Did it come to any sort of conclusion, at least?)

Cool; I'll keep an eye out for the trades, or the back-issues at cons.

Through the collections, I've jumped onto the Wolverine and the X-Men bandwagon.  The art is beautiful and the stories are packed full of humor and crazyness.  Even Holly, not a huge superhero comic fan, is enjoying it...she's become quite a fan of Broo, sort of the Stitch of the X-Men.

I'm really enjoying Sword of Sorcery.  It's really the only New 52 anthology that I've liked both features.  The art's been great on both and although they come from distinctly different directions, each feature pulls you in.

Human Bomb has been a pleasant surprise.  I haven't really been too into the Quality minis Palmiotti and Gray have been doing but this one's interesting.  Instead of just another hero popping up, their Human Bomb comes from a program that's created true suicide bombers.  Inventive idea.

I also picked up most of the new Valiant issues during a Comixology sale.  I haven't finished everything yet but so far the reboot seems to be really well done.

I'm on the bandwagon for a bunch of Marvel Now titles.  I wasn't planning on checking them all out but I've heard good things about so many of them on this board and in other places that I've sampled more than I expected. 

The Uncanny Avengers has been very good so far.  Of course, the John Cassaday art is hard to pass up.

Allred and Fraction's FF has been amazing.  I've always liked the idea of an all-sub FF and this is perfect, quirky creative team for that concept. 

I was really impressed with Jason Aaron's Thor.  More than I thought I would be.  I like the separate timelines.  It creates a very epic feel which is perfect for Thor.

I'm not sure yet about Hickman's Avengers or Fraction's regular Fantastic Four.  Both of the first issues were mostly set-up with a new status quo introduced at the end of the issue.  I'll wait to reserve judgment until we've actually gotten into the new status quo in the second issues before I make up my mind.

I tried Journey into Mystery.  I would have liked to support it- female creator on female lead- but the proof is in the pudding.  It wasn't great, it wasn't awful, it was just kind of there.  With so many other titles wowing me, it's easy to leave this on shelf next time. 

Border Mutt said:

I also picked up most of the new Valiant issues during a Comixology sale.  I haven't finished everything yet but so far the reboot seems to be really well done.

Yes, it is.  My favorites have been X-O Manowar and Shadowman. 

I usually don't give a rundown of all the books I'm buying, but somebody weighed in on MarvelNow and so I thought I 'd say that I am cautiously optomistic about The All New X-men, The Uncanny Avengers has been OK, and I sampled the FF and Fantastic Four.  I don't like the idea of an all substitute FF...cause, what's the point?!  It's not the FF I know and love if all four are replaced. (I suspect Avengers fans felt the same when Cap's Kookie Quartett appeared back in, 1965?

I must say I was not impressed by Avengers Arcade, or whatever that AA/Hunger Game ripp-off is...no do I care for the new BIGGER, Mightier Avengers... so I'm cutting those out.

I found myself actually enjoying Avengers Arena. (And while it is indeed a Hunger Games ripoff, Hunger Games is a ripoff of Lord of the Flies, Logan's Run, The Running Man, Rollerball, and The Most Dangerous Game, and I'm sure many many more.) Full disclosure here; I have no connection with any characters from Runaways or Avengers Academy. I never read either series for more than one issue. But this seems to be very much in the same vein.

Not really sure how this is going to be an ongoing series, but nonetheless, it's not too bad!

Given the strength of Mart's review(and his reminder that J.M. Dematteis wrote my favorite run of Dr. Fate ever), I think I'll pick up Phantom Stranger #4 next time I'm in a comic shop. 

I noticed the cover on Wednesday, but didn't pick it up. I wished I would have noticed DeMatties's name on it, though. I think I'll be buying that one with you there, Rob!

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