I thought this might be a nice companion thread to "On the chopping block," where we can talk about currently running books that we're thinking of picking up in the middle of their run.

The one that comes to mind for me is Firestorm. Dan Jurgens is taking over with issue 13, and he purportedly is treating it like a first issue. Most of the "international firestorms" storyline is over with -- don't ask me how -- and it's apparently going back to being Ronnie and Jason in high school together, teaming up to be Firestorm. Which is what I wanted to read in the first place, so it's probably a good time to give it a chance.

So, any books you're thinking of hopping on to?

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I will definitely second you on the Adventures of Superman series. If DC was smart, they'd go the Spider-Man Brand New Day route and just have rotating teams on the book. But as for this, I'm loving this and Legends of the Dark Knight digitally.

I picked up Kinski a while ago, but finally sat down and read all three issues just now. Man, it's wonderful -- it pulls you right along. It's a great example of how it doesn't matter how high or low the stakes are -- what matters is what they mean to the people involved.

Thanks for the recommendation, guys!

Glad you liked it, Rob! Love that art.

I have to admit, I'm loving Mighty Avengers despite Greg Land's artwork.

Okay, I'm on the Al Ewing bandwagon.  Between Mighty Avengers and Loki, Agent of Asgard he's writing fun, high adventure comics that I'm enjoying immensely.

I've only read his Age of Ultron  Avengers tie-in set in the UK.  It was fantastic.  A real antidote to how US superhero comics are generally produced these days.  Seek it out, if you haven't read it already.  A done-in-one.

Isn't Al Ewing an awesome writer? I love that he's gone from 2000AD to Marvel. I think it would do DC and Marvel both well to go to the 2000AD mine more often.

I haven't read a lot of Al Ewing's work, but his short story in Vertigo's Ghosts anthology really impressed me. I'll be looking for more of his work, certainly.

Mighty Avengers has been incredibly good, and from what I've heard and read, Loki is just as awesome.

I like Mighty Avengers a lot, too. And this is the first time that I read about the Blue Marvel.

I've also heard that Land will be doing just the covers from now on, so a good book might become even better!

Just wanted to post an update: I'm so glad I jumped on the Swamp Thing bandwagon once Scott Snyder left. Charles Soule has been getting better and better, and the art by Jesus Saiz is so unlike the hyper-detailed Swamp Thing work of Veitch or Totleben, but manages to convey some gorgeously creepy moments just the same, including the final page of this week's issue, #30. Soule's adding some really nice elements and characters to the mythos, also, instead of simply rehashing what Alan Moore brought to the table. (While not ignoring any of that, too.) It's really fantastic stuff, and worth a second look. Issues 29-31 should be a complete story, if anyone's interested.

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