Even though issues 1 and 2 didn't overly impress me, I was planning on sticking with Flash: Rebirth out of faith that Geoff Johns would ultimately give me a good story. But issue three today convinced me that...yeah, I'm just not digging this book.

At the same time, Wonder Woman and Runaways remain on the verge for me, dependent on a new storyline and a new creative team, respectively.

I guess, given that I have something like three or four titles I want to find a space for, this could be worse news, but I'm disappointed that I'm not enjoying all these titles more.

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I decided today that, while the first issue interested me, I'll probably either wait for the trade for The Dollhouse Family, or a Comixology sale, or it'll slip my mind altogether. It's a fine comic, totally on-brand for Vertigo (even though it's Black Label) -- but there's so much great stuff out there, and something's gotta give.

Years ago my friend and LCS owner failed to order one of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books because Diamond had it abbreviated LXG.

I dropped Dr. Strange last week after only two issues.

I dropped Iron Man 2020 after only one.

I have become quite ruthless.

I think Justice League Dark will be going for me. It just feels like it's been spinning its wheels. (And from what I've seen of it, Tynion's run on Batman is pretty much exactly what I don't want to read in Batman books. I'm much more likely to retroactively jump onto Tomasi's Detective Comics run.)

FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER: Normally, this is a title which would really appeal to me. But I don’t even read the main Captain America series anymore. I didn’t even give this one a chance.

With the upcoming "Joker War", I'm dropping Batman and Detective Comics at least while that goes on. .

I'm also giving Wonder Woman the boot as I'm the build-up to this new arc has left me underwhelmed.

Legion of Super-heroes is close to being dropped as well. There isn't a much bigger fan of the LSH than me, but so far this new series has just been spinning its wheels. Also, Bendis gets a much shorter leash with me these days.

Looking at the news about the industry, it sounds like they're stopping shipping and even stopping printing, so who knows when anything will continue?

I was getting the Captain America series, excited because it was Ta-Nehisi Coates writing it ... and lost interest in four issues. I'm reading Black Panther now purely out of inertia as it winds through this interminable space opera story with T'Challa lost in space. 

Some more hitting the chopping block.

Amazing Spider-man - I was brought back in when I saw that Sin-Eater was making his return. Unfortunately there is just way too much of the Osborne's for me. It just never ends with them. Within the second page of my first issue I had figured out who Kindred was. I don't say this to show how smart I am (I'm not), but how obvious it was to me.

My other big problem is this: no politician can fart in his home without it being reported within 5 minutes. Yet, Wilson Fisk can meet with super criminal mob bosses on a regular basis, and no hears a peep about it.

I was mildly interested in the Sinister Six story line, 2 separate teams and Spidey has to fight them all. Once I saw it was a miniseries published twice a month, as well as ASM twice a month. I decided to bail on it and not buy 8 Spider-man comics.

Wonder Woman - I was really digging Mariko Tamaki's run on it, which brought me back to this series. I'm just not feeling Becky Cloonan's Wonder Woman in Asgard. Plus, with the young Diana back-up that bumps it up another dollar an issue, I'm out.

Transformers: Beast War - I actually like this series, but I think I have enough Transformers in my life.

Inkblot - Another series I like, but just not quite enough to stick with it.

Non-Stop Spider-man - I just don't think its that good. I think its a mini-series, but I bailed after 2 issues.

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