Even though issues 1 and 2 didn't overly impress me, I was planning on sticking with Flash: Rebirth out of faith that Geoff Johns would ultimately give me a good story. But issue three today convinced me that...yeah, I'm just not digging this book.

At the same time, Wonder Woman and Runaways remain on the verge for me, dependent on a new storyline and a new creative team, respectively.

I guess, given that I have something like three or four titles I want to find a space for, this could be worse news, but I'm disappointed that I'm not enjoying all these titles more.

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Avengers Assembled: This comic is one that I tried to like. I really wanted to. I just don't. At least not well enough that it's anything different from "just another super-hero story". I just noticed it on the next week of comics list, and cringed. That's when I realized it was on the chopping block.

Nova is on my chopping block now. I read the next-to-last issue digitally (I buy the hard copies and then download the digitals, so that way I can hand off the books...). Even Beta Ray Bill can't get me to hang on to this title. So little is shown, so much is told in this series. A year ago, if you had told me that I would be wishing for more Jeph Loeb, I would have thought you were nuts.

Uncanny Avengers is probably on my chopping block. I say probably because the current arc just ended (or did it?). I'm going to try the new "first" issue. But it feels like it took forever to squeeze that story out of Rick Remender. If this next arc is about the whole Ragnarock/Four Horsemen/Age of Apocalypse situation, I'm out.

Indestructible Hulk finally got chopped with this most recent issue. I suspect Pretty Deadly will get chopped, too. I think it's a really cool book, but I can't say I'm emotionally invested in it. I'll probably read the whole first TPB worth of issues when 5 is released and then decide.Satellite Sam might also get the chop after issue 10, depending on how attached I am to it by that point. Both of those series I'll probably revisit down the road, as I plan to do with Mind MGMT.

Rob, are you going to skip the Hulk relaunch?  There's a new Hulk #1 next month and Mark Bagley is the new artist.

I've dropped Wolverine and the x-Men. Now that Jason Aaron is off the book, the fun is gone too.

  It seems there is always a new number 1 coming down the pipe.

John Dunbar (the mod of maple) said:

Rob, are you going to skip the Hulk relaunch?  There's a new Hulk #1 next month and Mark Bagley is the new artist.

I have to say that I will not be on board for this one. I thought that Mark Waid would assuredly be able to keep me engaged on this one. But it just isn't happening. I have waited since 1998 for someone to keep me involved in Hulk like Peter David did. It's just not happening, though.

John Dunbar (the mod of maple) said:

Rob, are you going to skip the Hulk relaunch?  There's a new Hulk #1 next month and Mark Bagley is the new artist.

I'm skipping the Hulk relaunch. It sounds like I'd probably enjoy it -- I really like Bagley's work -- but Hulk is always a tough sell for me, and Waid's run so far doesn't have nearly the punch or innovation of his Daredevil. I'll hold off, and maybe read it one day in trades.

If it had relaunched right after the time travel story, I'd probably still be on board. But this Inhumanity crossover just killed my enthusiasm for the book. 

After reading #2-3 of New Warriors today, I decided to drop it. Even though the art by Marcus To is incredible, the story just isn't grabbing me.

I also decided to drop off of A+X, or at least I would have had it not been canceled. I read the Iron Man and Broo issue, and it was hokey enough that I'm glad I didn't buy what turned out to be the final issue of that series.

A few Image series on the block for me:

Rat Queens - I don't hate it, but something about it just doesn't work for me. Although, the gratuitous cussing does get on my nerves, and this coming from someone who swears like a sailor.

Revival - A year and a half in and we still have no answers. I'm all for a slow burn, but the stove hasn't even been turned on yet.

Zero - The story isn't bad, but I just haven't enjoyed any of the art.

I dropped Wolverine and the X-Men this week, as well as Adventure Time.

...I guess I will drop the Dynamite TWILIGHT ZONE series ? $15.96 for one (okay ~ but pretty mediocre/familiar) story ?

  That apparently , in fact , links into another story ? Which I suppose links into another , for a " trilogy " ? Neh .

Maybe there'll be (with the Big Names) a HC ? Maybe it'll be at the library ? 


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