Even though issues 1 and 2 didn't overly impress me, I was planning on sticking with Flash: Rebirth out of faith that Geoff Johns would ultimately give me a good story. But issue three today convinced me that...yeah, I'm just not digging this book.

At the same time, Wonder Woman and Runaways remain on the verge for me, dependent on a new storyline and a new creative team, respectively.

I guess, given that I have something like three or four titles I want to find a space for, this could be worse news, but I'm disappointed that I'm not enjoying all these titles more.

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I'm with you on the Justice League.  I have only just read the first trade but 'nonsense ' it is.
Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Well, I'm done with Justice League. I just can't bring myself to care about this broken source wall, magic doorknob, Perpetua cosmic nonsense. Maybe it'll work better for me in trades, or in discounted Comixology collections. Or maybe I'll forget all about it. Time will tell.

Wow, Rob, that's pretty much my chopping block list too.

To be fair, I picked up the latest Justice League issue after not reading any in awhile, but it was only because after thumbing through it, I realized Will Peyton Starman was in it. I'm not sure that will be enough to pull me back in, but at least I am hopeful that he will be in other books (or maybe even his own).

I did not grab the second issue of Shazam, because I figured if it was good, I would get it in trade. The first issue was good enough.

As for Aquaman, I grabbed it yesterday having forgotten that I read the first issue. I thought I was just going to read them both in succession, but I guess the fact that I have actually read her first issue without remembering it (until thumbing through it) is not a good sign.

For me, I'm also dropping Justice League. How Scott Snyder can take this great line-up of heroes and villains and make it so boring, is beyond me. I wish I was interested in all of the Dark Metal crap as he is.

Also, doesn't Snyder go to the "something that has been around forever but no one knows about until now" trick too often? Court of Owls, Dark Metal whatever, the gods from Aquaman. That's just off the top of my head.

Batman...yeah I've decided I don't like Tom King's writing. There a few things I enjoy but for the most part, I think its pretty bad. Plus, he has about another 40(!) issues to go in his planned run. I can't do it. It is very tedious to read it right now. I more skimmed than read the last few issues that came out. Talking to my friends who collect, I believe they have all bailed on Batman too. Finding Detective Comics a much more interesting series.

Deathstroke for at least 2 issues while it crosses over with the Teen Titans. Back in the day a crossover was a chance to check out another series. Now, for me, its an excuse to drop the one I was reading.

Finally, The Dreaming. I've given the Sandman universe a few times to interest me, but while I've never found it bad. Its just never interested me enough to keep going. Although I did collect Lucifer for over 4 years, until I realized it was a series I never got excited when the new issue came out. Always good never great. That is what The Dreaming is like, good, but not good enough to keep with it. 

I think Tom King's Batman has had some pretty bright spots in it with a few real dud issues in it. I agree that he does seem to have a penchant for dragging stories out (none quite as pronounced as Heroes in Crisis, but I'm a glutton for punishment). I am enjoying Batman for the most part, but I can completely understand why many wouldn't. I wish he could bring the same magic he brought to The Vision and Mister Miracle to his monthly work. I was about to say that he must be better when he has a definite ending in sight, but then I think about Heroes in Crisis. It's a germ of an idea stretched out to nine issues.

Deathstroke is one of those books that I really want to like, because I am a huge fan of Christopher Priest. I just got way too behind on it, and right now I don't have enough time to get caught up on it.

With G. Willow Wilson having moved to DC to do Wonder Woman, that has mean her time doing Ms. Marvel has come to an end. That makes a great jumping-off point for me.

You should consider hopping onto Wonder Woman. It's a great title with G. Willow Wilson's writing.

ClarkKent_DC said:

With G. Willow Wilson having moved to DC to do Wonder Woman, that has mean her time doing Ms. Marvel has come to an end. That makes a great jumping-off point for me.

Travis, I read the last two issues of Justice League earlier today. Sigh. Yeah, the whole "thing you never knew about before now" is played out again in this book with a meeting (or series of meetings) between J'onn J'onnz and Lex Luthor when they were both boys, neither of them looks older than seven. They have conversations that are clearly scripted by an adult who believes that children speak like adults.

I hate this almost as much as I hate the contention written in the Superman/Batman comic of the 2000's decade where it turns out Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent once played together when they were kids when the Waynes' car breaks down during a "country drive" that happened to go all the way out into Kansas.

I have to say that recent events have led to a temporary spending hold-back for me. It may be the best thing that has ever happened to my comics collecting. I am no longer buying up books that I won't realistically read. I had never really looked at it that way, but my to-read stack is no longer growing at such a severe rate.

This isn't to say that I don't still have a big stack, but at least I'm not adding to it nearly as much as I used to.

Despite my best intentions, I wound up reading all of the first arc of the DeConnick/Rocha Aquaman. After dropping it after the second issue of the arc (issue 44), I found myself in a comic shop with nothing to buy, and decided to try issues 45 and 46. I wound up still on the fence... not really any more engaged, but at this point, I'd sunk enough money into the story that I decided to see it through to the end. (At poker tables, they call it "pot committed.") So I picked up the final issue of the arc yesterday... and still not impressed. Lovely art, but all the hooey about ancient sea gods does nothing for me. So that's it. Finito. I mean it this time.

I'm also feeling strangely distant from DC's "Year of the Villain" promotion, seeing as it stems from Scott Snyder's Justice League book. And I can't say I've seen anything about DCEASED that's really intrigued me, either. So aside from Event Leviathan -- which I'm 100 percent all-in for -- I'm thinking I might be taking a little time away from DC events for a while. 

Aquaman, eh? Let's see... I bought and read issues #43-44 and liked them well enough, then I forgot to read #45 and forgot to buy #46. Yesterday I bought #46-47 and was planning to read them in a sitting sometime soon, but your comments make me none too eager to do so. Life's too short.

Read em all at once. Maybe momentum will help.

I recently dropped:

  • BOOKS OF MAGIC (Would rather DC put out a Harry Potter book!)
  • CATWOMAN (a Bat-less Cat is not that interesting)
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY (too many JL books!)
  • SHURI (should be with her brother, not apart)
  • UNSTOPPABLE WASP (written not for me!)
  • VENOM (another symbiote explosion coming! NOT AGAIN!)
  • X-FORCE (got it by mistake!)
  • JAMES BOND ORIGIN/JAMES BOND 007 (shaky, not stirring!)

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