Even though issues 1 and 2 didn't overly impress me, I was planning on sticking with Flash: Rebirth out of faith that Geoff Johns would ultimately give me a good story. But issue three today convinced me that...yeah, I'm just not digging this book.

At the same time, Wonder Woman and Runaways remain on the verge for me, dependent on a new storyline and a new creative team, respectively.

I guess, given that I have something like three or four titles I want to find a space for, this could be worse news, but I'm disappointed that I'm not enjoying all these titles more.

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Dropping Astonishing X-Men. Another Charles Soule title that's been underwhelming. I realized reading issue #6 that the only character I particularly like on the team is Rogue. Not to mention I always roll my eyes when someone like Mystique joins the team, especially with no explanation or promise of reform.

I've decided to drop The Falcon.

I have to say that I dropped all Marvel titles 6+ months back with the thought that I would just subscribed to Marvel Unlimited in about six months and get caught up that way, because it was such a deal.

But I have yet to do it, and I'm really not inclined to do so. I really don't even have time to stay caught up on all the DC/Dark Horse/Image and other (a whole lot of other) books, let alone an entire great big universe full of them. I really came to love Marvel for a long time (and their movies are still way better than anything from anywhere else), but I'm just not missing anything right now.

Thinking about letting go of both Doctor Strange and The Mighty Thor. The former seems to have lost it's pizazz and the latter--well, if Jane Foster is written out and Odinson becomes the lead, I'm gone. Secret Empire ruined Odinson for me, and I've been loving Jane as Thor.

As much as I complained about the endless No Surrender event in Avengers, after reading Avengers #2 today, I kind of want it back. Not one single character seemed right, as if Jason Aaron pulled a Bendis and completely ignored the entirety of their characterization over the last 50 years. The dialogue was way too glib, and there's a big reveal about the villain at the end that isn't really a reveal at all as it was pretty damned easy to figure out.

One more issue, and it's gone.

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