A year ago today, I was on the open sea, on a cruise celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary.

Don't know when I'll do that again.

(Taking a cruise, that is. I'll gladly do more anniversaries.)

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Not sure if that means today is #31, but it's presumably in the vicinity, so Congratulations!

Yes, indeed it is #31!

We spent the day sleeping in, having a late breakfast, going for a bike ride at a nearby county park.*

Since movie theaters and play house are closed, we picked up dinner from a seafood restaurant and watched a modern Shakespeare in the Park rendition of Much Ado About Nothing (see here). It was low-key, and lovely.

*It was the first time I'd even been in my car since the first week of March. 

Sounds great! My 24th is coming up in a few days and I'm wondering how to make it special with all of the usual "out of the house" stuff off the table. I may steal some of your ideas! My best to you and your wife.

Gayle and I just had our 31st a couple of months ago! 

Our 20th is next year. We always "return to the scene of the crime" (Sedona, AZ) on the multiples of five. We hope things will be back to normal by then.

Richard Willis said:

Gayle and I just had our 31st a couple of months ago! 

Well, then, Happy Anniversary, Richard and Gayle! Ain't love grand!

Happy anniversary!

We celebrated our 17th a couple weekends ago. Since we'd honeymooned in France, we took the opportunity to "return" -- ordering takeout from a local French restaurant and watching two Paris-set movies, Amelie and Paris, Je T'Aime. 

Happy anniversary! I love the stories of everyone's recent celebrations, too. Our anniversary is in September, but I expect our options to be limited even then.

We honeymooned at Disney World, so ... I dunno ... we could wander around the house singing "It's a Small World." Which, come to think of it, seems kind of awesome and appropriate.

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