OK, just read issue #0.  It involves the current iteration of Nova, who is apparently a kid named Sam Alexander, whose father was an old drunk who claimed to have been an intergalactic space hero, and who eventually disappeared. In time, the son discovers that the old man had been an intergalactic space hero and ends up becoming the new Nova himself. I'm not familiar with this version of the character, so I can't say how long he's been around. I remember reading the original Nova nearly forty years ago - I don't have any great memories of him except that he was drawn by Carmine Infantino for awhile.


Anyway, our Sam fights a robot version of Tomazooma and meets the Avengers and asks them about the Watcher and finds out that while they know the Watcher watches, they don't know why. So, he goes to the Moon and gives the Watcher a rock and Utau Atua Utapau Uatu shows him his home movies of how his Dad (Uatu's, I mean, not Sam's) was the one who had the bright idea of giving the Prosilicans nuclear energy and we all know how that worked out.  Is this new?  I don't remember it being U Thant Utrecht Uatu's old man who did that. Anyway, Sam asks Uatu just how much he watches and Uatu blows his mind by showing him scenes from old issues of What If.  Anyway, Sam realizes that what Uatu is really hoping to see is a world where his dad wasn't wrong. Sam commiserates and says that he wishes his father wasn't a screw-up, too, then asks Uatu what happened to his (Sam's, not Uatu's) dad, and after a slight pause, Uatu tells Sam that his dad is still alive. (Say, isn't that sort of "interfering", Uatu, old son?).  Sam goes off happy and Uatu puts the rock on a shelf. 


A mildly interesting story, and the art is nice enough.


Say, the Watcher apparently has an armory - he's really loaded for bear - where he keeps the Ultimate Nullifier. How'd he end up with it? I thought Galactus took that back after Reed made him promise to leave Earth after threatening to blow his head off with it.


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Well, I just read Original Sin so I'm a little late to the party, but I agree with Rich and Jason, for the most part. The story was okay and I do like the Fury secret history and the use of the Orb. The story was a little long-winded at times. It was strange to see Moon Knight, Gamora and Winter Soldier all together and I'm not sure their personalities mesh well. The on-panel chemistry just didn't seem right.

Deodato's art was tremendous and I found myself stopping mid-story just to look at certain panels.

I thought the panel where Fury was going to assassinate Spider-Man was odd. Odd in the fact that if there was ANY character that Fury would assassinate to protect the planet, it would have been Hulk, since he was basically just a monster destroying cities back in the day.

A good send-off for Nick Fury and congrats to the Winter Soldier for becoming the unseen protector. Makes sense.

Jason Marconnet (Pint sized mod) said:

I liked it as well. I didn't love it as much as you did but I thought as far as events go it was well done. I wish some of the odd combo of teams such as Punisher and Dr. Strange had been explored more but I get what they were doing. All in all I liked it better than Siege, AvX and some of the other recent events. 
Richard Mantle said:

I almost hesitate to say this – but I feel I must.......
I actually liked this series and I did think we needed something like this to dispatch Nick Fury appropriately.
I wish this had have been combined with a Nick Fury from another dimension (a la the Ultimates guy he’s modelled on / movie version Samuel l Jackson type) being brought over to the 616 universe.
I wish this had have been used as the mechanism rather than the ridiculous ‘Battle Scars’ series they used that gave us the watered down junior version that the 616 is saddled with.
Nick Fury needed to go.
His era has gone, faded, it’s over. I say this as a tremendous fan of the SHIELD series through the ages up to and including the Secret Warriors swansong for the character.
His day is done though, it happens, the world moves on and the fact that Nick Fury is no longer a relevant force in the modern Marvel universe is not a great surprise.
I can accept his mysterious secret history and I don’t think it changes his more vital appearances throughout the decades at all.
The marketing of the Original Sin series as a whodunit was simply a marketing swipe and the fact that this became more about Fury than about the Watcher I found quite neatly organic.
Everyone agrees the artwork throughout was wonderful and whilst the villains were pretty underwhelming the use of the Orb was a no-brainer and I found it quite refreshing that earth-shattering events can be set in place by less than earth-shattering characters.
This series passed a torch within the Marvel Universe, everyone seems to universally hate this series....but I actually did find a lot to like.

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