OK, just read issue #0.  It involves the current iteration of Nova, who is apparently a kid named Sam Alexander, whose father was an old drunk who claimed to have been an intergalactic space hero, and who eventually disappeared. In time, the son discovers that the old man had been an intergalactic space hero and ends up becoming the new Nova himself. I'm not familiar with this version of the character, so I can't say how long he's been around. I remember reading the original Nova nearly forty years ago - I don't have any great memories of him except that he was drawn by Carmine Infantino for awhile.


Anyway, our Sam fights a robot version of Tomazooma and meets the Avengers and asks them about the Watcher and finds out that while they know the Watcher watches, they don't know why. So, he goes to the Moon and gives the Watcher a rock and Utau Atua Utapau Uatu shows him his home movies of how his Dad (Uatu's, I mean, not Sam's) was the one who had the bright idea of giving the Prosilicans nuclear energy and we all know how that worked out.  Is this new?  I don't remember it being U Thant Utrecht Uatu's old man who did that. Anyway, Sam asks Uatu just how much he watches and Uatu blows his mind by showing him scenes from old issues of What If.  Anyway, Sam realizes that what Uatu is really hoping to see is a world where his dad wasn't wrong. Sam commiserates and says that he wishes his father wasn't a screw-up, too, then asks Uatu what happened to his (Sam's, not Uatu's) dad, and after a slight pause, Uatu tells Sam that his dad is still alive. (Say, isn't that sort of "interfering", Uatu, old son?).  Sam goes off happy and Uatu puts the rock on a shelf. 


A mildly interesting story, and the art is nice enough.


Say, the Watcher apparently has an armory - he's really loaded for bear - where he keeps the Ultimate Nullifier. How'd he end up with it? I thought Galactus took that back after Reed made him promise to leave Earth after threatening to blow his head off with it.


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She said the name Watcher intrigued her. I think she was blonde.

Have we ever seen a Watcher that was definitely supposed to be female? Or did only the males promise to watch and the females sit around wishing they could get the guys to look at them once in awhile? The males of Zenn-La are all bald while the females have hair, implying the males are all monks, and the females...probably not all that happy about it. Perhaps the Watchers are simiilar.

Having read through that twice I'm still confused. But for once, not very curious. Marvel has written stuff I've liked and hated but this is the first storyline they've ever written that I actually don't care and am not curious about. I feel sorry for the characters, but unlike the Illuminati storyline which is causing me to wonder if I shouldn't root for the Red Skull in Axis, this one leaves me... emotionless.

The Baron said:

Original Sin #8 (November 2014): "The One Who Watches"

We start with a flashback of Fury berating Uatu for letting himself be robbed.  In the present, Dr. Midas wants to eat Uatu to absorb his power. Fury blows his hand off, and Exterminatrix takes said hand and cuts and runs.The Orb blasts Fury,


Back in flashback, we see Fury berating Uatu some more.


In the present, one of Uatu's eyes attacks the Orb.  The Odd Squad comes to Fury's rescue, but not because they like him. Stephen urges Fury to confesses his final sin, and Fury finally confesses to killing Uatu and taking his other eye, although it kind of looked to me like Uatu chose "suicide-by-Fury". Fury takes  the eye and confronts Midas.  Uatu's other  eye attacks the Orb. Fury attacks Midas, while the Watchers watch. There is a colossal explosion, and one Watcher sheds a tear for Uatu.


The Avengers and the Odd Squad rummage through the rubble, presuming that Fury is dead.  Stephen lets the Avengers leave without telling them everything, whatever that is. On Earth, Extermniatrix is planning to start over again.  The Orb, with Uatu's eye lodged in his chest, watches a woman killing a guy.  The Avengers and the Odd Squad fly back to Earth, suddenly remembering that they left Thor on the Moon, still trying to lift his hammer.


In space, Bucky kills an alien who's thinking about attacking the Earth - so, I guess he's the new "guardian at the gates"?


We end on the Moon. A chained, barefoot figure wanders through the rubble of the Watcher's home. It's Nick Fury, now somehow condemned to watch everything without interfering. (I dunno. I guess the explosion with the Watcher's eye did it?) Anyway, he is now the Unseen


Elsewhere, in another universe, a solitary figure sits at a computer terminal, and wonders what the hell that was all about! ;)


Overall: It wasn't that bad, I suppose.  Dunno how I'd feel about that ending if I was a huge Nick Fury fan.  In the end, for good or ill, "my" Marvel Universe is gone, just as "my" DC Universe is gone.

So they figured out a way to get rid of Nick Fury "forever" without killing him. I'd say I wonder how long he'll be the new Watcher, and who chained him (the other watchers?)  but I don't really care either. The way they tell stories that the answers would take several issues (possibly even several limited series) to asnwer those questions,

This was the "big" storyline this year? Nick Fury kills the Watcher and takes his place? And it took eight issues to tell that? Jack Kirby would have told it in eight pages.

And we would have cared if Jack had done it.

Closer observation of the frontispiece cast list shows that the "femmy-looking" Watcher is called "Ulana", whoever that is.

One thing that puzzles me, the Watcher has been shown in the past to keep track of everyone on the planet, and not only Earth but a lot of other planets as well. How is human Nick Fury going to do all that?

To borrow a line from a Simpsons episode: "A wizard did it."

Seems like the more realistic comics become the more one has to suspend their belief.

Nick at the end reminds me of Tony Isabella being chained to his typewriter in Giant Size Chillers#3. When Len Wein tells him he has to stay all night editing comics instead of going on his planned date, Isabella hits Wein with his typewriter.

Apparently, Ulana was the Watcher's girlfriend and was last heard of carrying his baby.  So, I guess Uatu did more than just watch.

Mark said:

Marvel has written stuff I've liked and hated but this is the first storyline they've ever written that I actually don't care and am not curious about

Ron M. said:

but I don't really care either.

Huh, for two people who don't care ya'll sure seem to with all of the posts in the thread.

It's like reading the paper every day, I skim most of the threads.

It's also somewhat like watching a train wreck happening right in front of you, and realizing a lot of people you used to know are on the train.

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