In book-length collections , what stuff gets included ~ and what gets LEFT OUT ?????????

How about censorings/expurgation , whether for legal or changing tastes , eh ?????????

Some collections (as I'll call all book-length collections here , though I suppose give them their official titles when we get specific) have all paid advertisments , and house ads as well ~ Some don't .

Legal: That famed panel where Doctor Octopus refers to Spider-Man as " Superman " - preserved in any book ?

  Those couple of panel-only?? references in the Essential JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY/THOR collection that refer to the character later seen as " Jane Foster " by her (I'm forgetting it now , obviously .) earlier name were NOT changed in the first edition - and were changed in a later printing/edition with a copyright page notation reflecting this .

  Changing tastes: It was noted here that a DC Chronicles?? of Wonder Woman somewhat changed the depiction and language of an African-American passenger train employee from the original .

  Letters columns: Perhaps the main thing here . What do DC's Archives do , f'rixample ?

  I have always been a little bit behind being very involved with HERBIE , but I am told that the letter-coulumns , which were answered , IN-CHARACTER , " by " Herbie , ARE LEFT OUT OF THE DARK HORSE BOOKS !!!!!!!!!!! (Mid-60s WONDER WOMAN letcols did some of that as well , didn't they ? But withh WW doing some turning over the reins to " her " editor RK ~ No ???????)

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...What about the two different version of the (dat daat daaaaa) --- ACTION COMICS #1 Superman story - " The Start Of It All " - which , exposition time a go go , appeared in different versions in A-1 and in SUPERMAN #1 ?

  IIRC , the CHRONICLES paperback I had ran the story full-length , in its ACTION version , at the front of the book and added the added-for-S-1-only pages only , no running the full " director's cut " version...And I get the impression that that new $75-or-so " Complete Early Years " deluxe HC Supes collection does not include ANY modification of the A-1 story , does not include the " new " S-1 pages at all - even though they are " canon " . Is this the case ?

  FTM , S-1 did add one bit of new Supes material , an illustrated text story .

  It has appeared in my ooooooooooooold Millenium Edition of S-1 and in CHRONICLES No. The 1st . Is it in the $75-er ?????

I'm glad that I have the FAMOUS FIRST EDITIONs. I believe that everyting was faithfully included in the FFE version of ACTION COMICS No. 1, while the FFE version of SUPERMAN just skimped on the cover.

One thing I've noticed is that covers in ARCHIVES are often not faithful to the original. This seems almost routine, like DC could care less about getting the covers right. While I don't like the use of scans in ARCHIVES on the whole, for covers I think it would be better if they were scans.

The covers from the last two issues of the Prize Comics Fighting American don't correspond to stories in the issues. It may be they were matched to the issues' text stories: that's the case with Charlton's Charlie Chan #6, which was a continuation of the Prize Charlie Chan, which was produced by the Simon and Kirby studio. I can't confirm this, however, as the GCD's pages on those Fighting American issues don't list their text pages. If they were Fighting American stories, they weren't included in Marvel's 1989 Fighting American collection.


Magazine Enterprises's Red Mask ##52-53 also had text page covers. My assumption is there were other examples of this in the era.

The most example of an omitted reprint I can think of Marvel Two-In-One 21, with the Thing teaming up with Doc Savage. Marvel no longer has the rights to Savage. Apparently, Marvel tried (see this page: but failed. It's a shame, too. Bill Mantlo knocked it out of the park with the story.

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