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Painting of the Day (original series):

Winter by Nicolas Poussin, a French painter of the 17th century who worked for most of his career in Rome.

This is one of his series The Four Seasons, painted near the end of his life. Each depicts a Biblical scene. In this case the subject is Noah's flood. You can see the Ark in the background on the left.

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I like the style of that one.

I really like the lighting in it myself. Really cool.

Patriofelis by Charles R. Knight.


I recently learned Knight's name from a forum reference to his dinosaur art by the artist Rock Baker. Some of his dinosaur images can be seen in the biographical article; for many more, click on the article's link to Knight's Wikimedia Commons gallery. According to the Wikipedia article here the evidence indicates Patriofelis was "around the same size as a modern panther".


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Good stuff.

The other artist mentioned by Mr Baker was Rudolph F. Zallinger, whose works included two murals, The Age of Reptiles and The Age of Mammals at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. A seminal work by the artist is March of Progress, an illustration from the Time-Life book Early Man.


According to the first link, Zallinger's depiction of Tyrannosaurus Rex "heavily influenced" the original design of Godzilla, and images of Zallinger's dinosaurs were shown as part of a slide lecture during the film.


The Vintage Dinosaur Book Web Page has notices on a large number of dinosaur books and their images dating from 1892 onward, including a couple for which Zallinger did illustrations, such as this one.


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Another name I learned recently, this time via a reference at James Lileks's website, was that of the architectural artist Hugh Ferriss. He's apparently known for drawings rather than paintings, but the work on the Popular Mechanics Magazine cover here was presumably a painting.


When preparing this post I also learned via Lileks's site that his name came up in a column of the Captain's last year, as Ferriss's art was one of the influences on the look of the graphic novel Batman: Death by Design by Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor. The Captain's column and interview with Kidd are here. Ferriss's book The Metropolis of Tomorrow can be found at Internet Archive.


Click on "selected works" here for images of further works from Brown University's Building Expectation exhibition, by other artists.


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I love the look of the future the 30's thought we were going to have.

The Flirtation by Eugene de Blaas.


I just read an article here which was illustrated by a detail from de Blaas's The Eavesdropper, and got his name from Wikimedia Commons.


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The Cyclops by Odilon Redon


I was prompted to choose this one by this collection of images of his early charcoals.


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Self Portrait by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun. Her Wikimedia Commons page has four other self-portraits, which you might find interesting comparisons.


I have a copy of Elizabeth Inchbald's A Simple Story which uses a detail from one of her portraits of the Duchesse de Polignac on the cover. Wikimedia Commons doesn't have that one currently (although it does have another); it's the one at the top left of the article here.

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