Every week, one item or another in my pull and hold stands out for me above the rest in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a periodical, sometimes a graphic novel, sometimes a collection. Does that happen to you? If so, let’s hear about it here. It can be an item you’ve long anticipated or something you bought on a whim. If it’s something you were really looking forward to but ended up being a big disappointment, let’s hear about that here, too. I’ve been meaning to start this topic for a long time now, but chose today to post about something I’ve been waiting for a long time, long before it was even solicited.


This is a favorite run of mine, but I’ve read it only twice: once as it was released, and I re-read it once after that. It came out as an “ESSENTIAL” a few years ago, but for this I held out for color.

EDIT: Most weeks I make my picks before I have read them, but feel free to choose either the books you anticipate most before you read or enjoy the most after you have read them.

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Recently read the first volume of My Hero Academia Vigilantes, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, is set in the same world as My Hero Academia.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, MHA is set in a world where 80% of the human race have super-powers, or "Quirks".  Quirks are closely regulated, and only people with Quirks who are properly licensed  may fight crime as "heroes". The main series follows a group of youngsters as attend an academy for prospective heroes.

Vigilantes follows several people who fight crime outside the law as unlicensed heroes. The main characters are:

  • Koichi Haimawari, a kid who's working his way through college as a convenience store clerk.  His Quirk, Slip and Slide, allows him to glide along any surface with the proportionate speed of a bicyclist as long as he maintains three points of contact with the surface in question. In his spare time, he operates as an anonymous do-gooder called "Nice Guy", who helps people in small ways. Once he transitions into vigilantism, he begins calling himself "The Crawler".
  • Knuckleduster, an older man who is one of the Quirkless minority. He is tough, fearless, and a skilled fighter, capable of taking on opponents with Quirks. Think Batman, if Batman were a beer-swilling low-life  Knuckleduster fights the "street-level" crime that the licensed heroes tend to ignore. He persuades/intimidates Koichi into becoming a vigilante.
  • Pop Step (Kazuho Haneyama), a young girl who is a would-be pop idol, give unauthorized public performances, and uses her Quirk, Leap, to stay literally one jump ahead of the law.
  • Samatsu and Namimaru, two adolescent punks who fall in with our heroes.  They're parodies of Cyclops and Wolverine - Samatsu wears a familiar-looking visor and fires "meganetic" beams from his eyes, while Namimaru can project wooden swords from his hands.  According to the author's note, they were meant to be one-appearance joke characters, but they took on a life of their own.

The first volume brings our heroes together as they discover that someone is distributing drugs that turn people into monsters. They acquit themselves well, but we end with the implication that the fecal matter is about to make contact with the rotating airfoil.

I enjoyed this. It makes a good companion piece to the original series, which is also fun.

Oh, Superman #1, I guess.

Resident Alien: Alien in New York #4 came out today. And because of a mixup with my comic shop, it took me a while to get issues 1-3, and I didn't wind up reading them until yesterday. So for once, I wound up reading this installment of one of my favorite series in what was very close to one sitting. 

As always, it's a gentle, thoughtful book, well-crafted and a joy to read. It looks like the next series, titled Your Ride's Here, will be the last. I'm going to miss it.  

I guess I kind of hurried through the store today, but I'm surprised I missed this one! Sounds like I'll have to have the owner pull one back for me for next week.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Oh, Superman #1, I guess.

I'd like to change my vote.

Make it DIE!DIE!DIE! instead.

Glad you liked it. I've seen a lot of hate for this online, but I didn't think it was that bad. It's not for me, but it wasn't bad. It reminds me of some of Mark Millar's work. I thought it did read like Kirkman was trying to be Garth Ennis, but he did say right there in the back matter that he tries to make everything he puts out really different from the other stuff he puts out.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I'd like to change my vote.

Make it DIE!DIE!DIE! instead.

I think it's really thought-provoking... beyond the (rather thick) veneer of violence.

I'm curious to see where he goes with it.

The art reminded me a bit of Paul Pope's stuff.

I can see where this wouldn't be for everyone.

Interesting; I can kind of see that.

While reading this, I did make the observation that Chris Burnham's art used to look like a Frank Quitely clone (or more-or-less attempt at such), but he has really come into his own in terms of style. As you said earlier, his panel to panel layout is perfect, so the storytelling is very clear.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

The art reminded me a bit of Paul Pope's stuff.

It also reminded me a bit (at times) of Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow's Hardboiled... not so much the look but the style.

This week: X-Men - Grand Design: Second Genesis #1

So many likely candidates this week!

I completely forgot the new Fantastic Four was shipping today until I saw it on the shelf. that's not my pick, though; no fair ginning up interest simply by not publishing one for a few years.

Sandman Universe #1 is a likely candidate, but I won't know until after I've read it; it's not sometnhing I'm necessarily looking forward to.

Something I am looking forward to, and my official "pick of the week," is the first issue of Howard chaykin's new series, Hey, Kids... Comics!

I saw this earlier, and I almost picked it up, but it just looked like more of the same Howard Chaykin comics that I've seen out of him in the last few years. Let me know if it's any different from Satellite Sam, but it looked the same to me.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Something I am looking forward to, and my official "pick of the week," is the first issue of Howard chaykin's new series, Hey, Kids... Comics!

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