Every week, one item or another in my pull and hold stands out for me above the rest in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a periodical, sometimes a graphic novel, sometimes a collection. Does that happen to you? If so, let’s hear about it here. It can be an item you’ve long anticipated or something you bought on a whim. If it’s something you were really looking forward to but ended up being a big disappointment, let’s hear about that here, too. I’ve been meaning to start this topic for a long time now, but chose today to post about something I’ve been waiting for a long time, long before it was even solicited.


This is a favorite run of mine, but I’ve read it only twice: once as it was released, and I re-read it once after that. It came out as an “ESSENTIAL” a few years ago, but for this I held out for color.

EDIT: Most weeks I make my picks before I have read them, but feel free to choose either the books you anticipate most before you read or enjoy the most after you have read them.

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"I wondered if Byrne might be referencing his Darkseid Galactus crossover from many years ago."

Definitely (although it's not a direct sequel). It begins with the Enterprise patroling higher on the galactic plane than The Federation usually ventures and discover a pattern of planets "drained" of their energy. (I imagine the bit about being so high on the galactic plane is a nod to why "Galactus" had gone unkown for so long.)

If you haven't been reading ST: New Visions for a while, I will point out that the status quo has changed somewhat since season three of the TV series. For example, Janice Rand has since transferred back to the Enterprise, and Chekov has been promoted. M'ress (from the animated series) has been spot-lighted as well. He also "invents" "new technology" consistent with what might have been show on TV in the late '60s or early '70s. Byrne often builds a story around one particular photo-manipulative technique or another, ot otherwise takes advantage of something that would be impossible on the big or small screen. For example, next issue sees the return of Edith Keeler (after a fashion).

EDIT to yesterday's post: Make that the "Leiber-Kurtzburg theory" (and thanks to Richard Willis for pointing out my error).

Jeff of Earth-J said:EDIT to yesterday's post: Make that the "Leiber-Kurtzburg theory" (and thanks to Richard Willis for pointing out my error).

I didn't realize it was your error. I thought it was from Byrne's book.

A three-way tie this week, but I'll go with the one I decided to read first: Phoenix: the Return of Jean Grey.

Lots of candidates this week (well, five). Going with last week's criterion, the one I read first was Guardians of the Galaxy #150. I liked the one I read second better, though (X-Men: Grand Design). So far I've read only those two.

Short week. I'll go with Hawkeye #14.

Hmmm. Almost picked that one up, Randy. But failed!

After being disgusted with last month's issue of Walking Dead, I'm going to make this month's issue my pick.  A somewhat interesting new direction for the first time in a while. Definitely fodder for the TV show if it continues on for a few more seasons.

I noticed that one on the shelves. #175, wasn't it? At first it looked to me like a spin-off mini-series which is why it caught my eye. I'm tradewaiting, though, and am currently about two (HC) volumes behind.

Although I haven't read it yet, I'm going to go ahead and say Batman White Knight #4 is my pick--as in the one I'm looking forward to the most. I've thoroughly enjoyed this miniseries.

Incidentally, I decided to read Batman The Signal #1 this morning, thinking that might be my favorite. Far from it. The art is nice, but there was just so darn much being forced into the writing--the daylight Batman, the new crimes happening during the day, the daytime cop, and Duke's powers (I had no idea he had any until reading this) are really awkward and unclear, IMHO. It's a new writer (with Scott Snyder as the figurehead--I mean, "co-writer"), so I will read the other two issues of this to give the writer a chance. Plus, it's just a three-issue mini, and I'm all for those. But if I post anything negative about either of those other two issue, please jump my case because I'm choosing to buy them knowing that I may not enjoy them!

This week I'll go again with the one I read first: Avengers #675.

Yean I have to go with Avengers as well. It looks like this will actually be a fun crossover for a change.

The best part of the Avengers "event" for me is that it should -- if it stays on schedule -- be over in two months!

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