Things of interest to me...


Dark Horse - Tom, my brother-in-law as of this coming Sunday, was asked me if there were more Serenity comics out there.  He's read everything so far and was looking for more.  Luckily, I can direct him to Serenity: Float Out starring Wash and written by (!) Patton Oswalt.  I guess I shouldn't be so shocked, I liked Oswalt's JLA book a few years ago.  I'm picking up, as I will as long as Sakai keeps making 'em, the new issue of Usagi Yojimbo.  The new Star Wars Adventures digest starring Darth Vader looks to be a humorous story...sold!


DC - Yeah, I'm a sucker...I'm buying the three big issues starring DC's big three.  Morrison's Batman is hot and cold with me, but Bruce Wayne through time is too cool to miss.  I would be skipping Barry Allen's new stories if it wasn't for Francis Manapul's amazing art.  I'm peeking at Brightest Day, but not committed.  The girls love the Batman:Brave and Bold and Tiny Titans comics.  I buy Billy Batson for my sister-in-law's school library...Mike Norton's art is great on that book. 


IDW - Before you ask, no, I don't buy any of the Doctor Who comics.  Why?  One, the art never seems to be very good. Two, the comics in Doctor Who Magazine (which I do order every month) seem better.  I'm picking up the Last Unicorn series for my sister because she LOVED that story as a kid.  I may pick up the John Byrne Dr. McCoy mini as it looks like a bit of fun. 


Marvel - The teen girls who babysit my girls will be receiving, along with their usual pay, Heralds, Sense & Sensibility (good move letting the cover artist do interiors this time), X-Campus, and Black Widow.  Marvelman Classics start this month (huzzah!).  The school library gets Her-oes, the Bendis Avengers books, and Paul Tobin's Spider-Man and Avengers titles.  Holly continues to keep up with Powers...having been a guest star, she'll never quit that book.  Matt Fraction's Iron Man continues and his Thor begins much to my delight.  I'm also very interested in Avengers Prime by Bendis...a sort of guys' weekend (fighting bad guys) with Steve, Thor, and Tony. 


Archie - One more month until the big Married Archie titles begin.


Boom! - I get Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and Muppet Show for the library.


Disney Press - My daughter Rose finally gets her wish, Phineas & Ferb comics.


Oni - One great thing about Rucka leaving DC, hopefully more Stumptown.  LOVE this book.


Other - I'm picking up the Vintage Archie calendar from Asgard Press.  I have the DC one for this year and it's a beautiful thing.




Next month: I think, maybe, the final Scott Pilgrim volume hits the shelves.  I hope!



What about you?

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Marvelman Classics for me.

I also think the Doctor Who monthly strips are great comics. I'm intrigued by a few of the IDW ones though. I guess these trades will be the only place to see Doctor Ten in action, now that he's shuffled off. I wonder when they stop publishing the Tennant Doctor?

Bendis Avengers don't do it for me at all, despite my trying to give them a (very expensive) chance. I'm currently going through the library books I've read in the last year in a review thread elsewhere and when I get to his Avengers books, I draw a complete blank. Can't remember a frame of them, except the phrase "Soon to be a Starbucks", for some reason, which was funny when the Simpsons did it 20 years ago.

I'm really disappointed that Batwoman is about to be put on hiatus. I really admired how she was handled and positioned. Its another black mark against DC, however they dropped this ball.

I'm sticking with Secret Six, as it's something different and probably needs my support.

I'm really warming to Unwritten. It's obviously very clever, but the characters are starting to grow on me, and its now clear the narrative might go anywhere at all, even obscure 19th Century German novels that get turned into Nazi propaganda. This is some well-practiced creators really pushing the envelope

I might bail on Buffy when she reaches the end of the current 'Season', at least as a monthly. It was just about OK, but lacked the spark of humour that the interaction of the actors brought to the scripts in the TV show. I don't like that the quips are tailored almost exclusively to comics fanboys lately. The TV show managed to be more inclusive and I'd imagine the superhero references would alienate some readers who don't normally read comics.

If anyone donated Graphic Novels to school libraries in Ireland or England, they'd last about a week before being stolen. Sad but true...
I had forgotten Secret Six...I buy the trades and just bought the most recent one today.
Most of the comics I buy for the school library are single issues...if they're stolen, no biggie. So far, though, my sister-in-law has reported only one stolen graphic novel...Bone.
Doc Beechler said:
Most of the comics I buy for the school library are single issues...if they're stolen, no biggie. So far, though, my sister-in-law has reported only one stolen graphic novel...Bone.

The complete collection? Wow, that one would be tough to smuggle out. There's a joke there somewhere...
Oh, and of course I'll be following Batman on his journey through time. Morrison has already started laying out some pointers as to his journey back in Batman and Robin.

Although, I'm not really looking forward to having him back. I'm loving the Dick and Damien show in B&R. They are somehting fresh in the Bat-mythos. Bruce had become very distant, troubled and mentally labrinthine in Morrison's depiction of him and too violent, dark and unsmiling in most other writers' use of him for me to look forward to his return, as such.

I loved the Final Crisis ending where he escaped from the comicbook heroes curse of endlessly repeated adventures and trials and returned to the (subconscious) cave he emerged from, to rest and recuperate. I love thinking that he's spent the last year or more just twiddling his thumbs and chilling out.

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