An eBay auctioner has posted a page from the legendary Pussycat #1 from Marvel!

I've never actually seen this comic, but I've heard of it many times. It compiled a number of risque strips that had run in Martin Goodman's stag magazines and was published in 1968. Artists include Bill Everett, Wally Wood, Al Hartley, Jim Mooney and Bill Ward. I mean, how can you NOT want to see that comic?











This page is by Ward from a five-page story. For a full rundown of the issue, here's the GCD listing:


And if you've got an extra couple of grand sitting around and want to own a Ward original, get in the bidding here: 

I'm not sure what format would work to reprint this, but I really think it needs to be--if only to show just how wacky Marvel could be in 1968!

-- MSA



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I didn't even know Casino Royale had words. But I've had What's New Pussycat running through my head all morning.

-- MSA

Geez, and to think I like Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

The Daniel Craig movie in 2006 was truer to the Ian Fleming novel, but if you take the 1967 version as the comedic romp it was intended to be, it's enjoyable too.

I'll restrain from posting the You Tube video of the opening theme song, but it's only during the closing rendition that you have to worry about the lyrics.

Okay. I tried. I REALLY tried.

I do find it better than "You Know My Name" from the 2006 movie.

Enjoy the music as originally intended.

The closing song actually fits the new movie pretty well, as can be found on youtube somewhere, although for some reason the poster seemed to be obsessed with showing a bizarre torture sequence from the 2006 movie several times. It should be the sixth one down if you type in Casino  Royale Theme Song 1967.

Original Sin seems to be following the "From now on all agents will be named James Bond!" idea with all those SHIELD LMDs being Nick Fury.

...I don't see a Maervel logo anywhere on that cover how can you really call this a " Marvel " publication ???

  Do you call TIME , SPORTS ILLUSTRATED , and FORTUNE DC mags ???

  Seriously , was PUSSYCAT ever plugged/mentioned ~ to any extent even a casual remark in a lettercol answer ~ in any Marvel comic of that time ?

  As far as " genre/pulp " stuff goes , Goodman/Cadence/whatever we call the " other parts " of Marvel had a large line of " Men's Adventure/men's sweat " magazines ~ Those " At The Mercy Of Hitler's Nuclear razor Lesbian Preistesses " things that actually kept a lot of the surviving pulp illustrators occupied drawing their lurid cover imagery that old guys in barbershops of the time would read ~ Were THEY MU ? (Actually , did Pussycat ever appear in those , not just stags ?)

As Mr.Age points out on the first page of this thread, GCD reports the indicia as saying "Marvel Comics, Inc." Here is the link to the listing:

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