When a thread gets long enough will it eventually start a new page, or will we have to scroll down for half an hour to get to the new replies? Or is that something that can be set up from the users end or from the moderators end?


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The Web site seems to be functioning properly again in Firefox.

Merry Christmas Eve to me!

Is there a board policy on embedded images? On the old board if you linked to an image you were supposed to provide a link to the source site. I personally believe we shouldn't hotlink images at all, since some site-owners really, really, really resent it.
I've settled on Comic Vine for my source of Micronauts covers.

If you look at the information under the covers on their site, they bend over backwards to make them embeddable. They do have the the following rule, which I'll try to follow in future:

Embeddable Items
Comic Vine may make available charts, graphics or other items that you can embed on your own website. If you use any of these embeddable items, you must include a prominent link back to the site on the pages containing the embeddable item and you may not modify, build upon, or block any portion of the embeddable item in anyway or present it in any manner that is false or misleading.

Thanks for the reminder, Luke. I think the world would be a poorer place without my pictorial comparison of Acroyear and John Travolta, though, so I'm leaving that as is. I'll try harder in future!
About the only images I ever link are comic book covers (as I did just yesterday in the "Kree/Skrull War" discussion), and I always use Mile High Comics. Because all of their cover imaged have "Mile High Comics" on them I don't bother with citing the source and assume they think of it as free advertising. I used to use comics.org once in a while when a cover wasn't available, but thay have something behind the scenes to convert the image to a message directing one to view the cover on the site itself.

Was it just me, or was the forum down most of today?

I'm not sure, but if they were then it would just have been us. I didn't see anything on Ning about an update that would pull it down, or anyone else being down today.

I didn't have any problem, but I was offline for several hours today, so it the forum was down I missed it.

To my embarrassment I've accidentally deleted the first post from my Jungle Comics review series. I have the text and images (due to Google's cache). If I repost it at the end of the thread, would a moderator be able to put it in the correct position? I apologise for having to ask.

This post displaced the thread Where Did You Go Today? from the homepage.

I don't think we can.

Can't be helped then. I've placed the post in the opening post in the thread, which is almost as good. Thanks, Pete.

Is anyone else being asked to prove they're a human even though they're logged in to the board?  It's not happening every time, but I'm getting a CAPTCHA every so often when I post.

I get that occasionally.

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