When a thread gets long enough will it eventually start a new page, or will we have to scroll down for half an hour to get to the new replies? Or is that something that can be set up from the users end or from the moderators end?


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I seems to happen to me more when I edit posts than when I simply post, but when it does happen, it's difficult to get out of. It keeps giving me one "quiz" after another. Usually I have to log off and log back on to get rid of it.

I've been getting that as well. I though it had something to do with an ad blocker I'm using.

Strangely enough, no. I've lived on this planet so long now, I must have the human stink on me.

Randy Jackson said:

Is anyone else being asked to prove they're a human even though they're logged in to the board?  It's not happening every time, but I'm getting a CAPTCHA every so often when I post.

It's been happening to me. My impression is some things set it off, especially editing a post successive times, perhaps because that's like doing several posts close together. Sometimes I get just one test, sometimes several, but I've always been able to get past them after a few. If you under-answer a test it indicates that. I think you get another if you over-answer, and sometimes even though you didn't.

The speed at which one answers the test might be a factor in whether one gets another, as a program would tend to do it quickly. I haven't had an impression about that.

I edited this post a ton of times, and didn't set it off.

I just experimented a bit, by changing a post until I started getting the tests. The results tended to confirm over-answering and maybe speed-answering make getting further tests more likely.

The over-answering issue comes up because sometimes a square only has a bit of a car or a bit of a sign in it, or a pole rather than sign itself, and whoever set the test may have ignored that square.

I came across a forum discussion for ning account holders, There was some conversation about a setting in the account that reads "Ask members to fill out captcha if their posts look spammy"

There is a box that can be checked or unchecked by the account holder. Maybe it's related?

I just set it off with quick successive, identical posts in a thread.

Sometimes the button says "verify", sometimes "skip", sometimes "next".

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